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I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I have no axe to grind. Just some random thoughts on politics. I watch Palin speech last night and Barack last week-that’s it. 

Here are my thoughts:

– Could not believe the lack of diversity in the crowd last night. Kinda sad.
– I really enjoyed Mrs. Palin speech-clear and effective. Great communicator. She seems to be a doer and that is good. 
– It’s hard to respect politicians when they act like 8 years-olds and put each other down. It gets OLD fast. (I’m speaking of both parties)
– I’m tired of hearing about John McCain and war stories-enough! I respect that he served our country and suffered much…But please stick to the current issues.
– As for Polin. I do have one judgement issue. If she knew her daughter was pregnant. Why accept the nomination and put her daughter through hell? Not sure as a parent I could do that. I feel bad for her daughter and the national scrutiny she is facing. 
– I do think it is nice to see a “normal” family with real issues like special needs children and a pregnant daughter. But the 18 year-old father-to-be looked a bit out-of-place. 
– I LOVE the fact that she is a lady and is running for VP. Such a good thing for our country.
– How will McCain do tonight. I get so BORED when he speaks. Compared to Obama and Mrs. Palin-they are great orators.
– I’m really tired of the Obama hype machine. I think 18-months of it begins to wear on your mind.
– I can’t tell you how stoked I am that an African-American is running for President. Win or lose it’s just good for our country.

Here is a question I have. How do we combine our faith with our politics? I think most people view politics as personal. We all have an agenda that we prefer and we will vote for whoever matches up to our agenda. I think that can be selfish.

Or we may view politics as spiritual. But we get focused on two key issues and forgot the gospel is more then those issues.

How do we move beyond ourselves and see the gospel through the lens of politics? I want to see politics from a holistic view-point. Not just a few issues (taxes, abortion, same-sex marriage etc)

Here is the question I’m asking myself. Who is better for our country overall. Not just me and my family. What needs does the world have and who will best work on those needs?

I don’t know who I’m voting for. I’m not rooting for anyone. I’m not trying to take all bits of info and spin them in my “preferred” bucket of good and/or evil.

Also…At the end of the day I pray that God’s will would be done. And I will pray for and serve whoever is in office. I won’t scour the internet trying to prove I’m right or wrong-but I will seek God and trust that his sovereignty is the most important aspect to the entire process. I’ll do my research, I will talk to others and agree or disagree. I won’t let this control me. But I will trust God.

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  1. Good thoughts bro… I am with you on the faith-politics questions, I just can’t wait until the election is over, it always seems to bring out the worst in people.

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