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Now that my girls are back in school I have some freedom on Fridays. I do my best to make Friday a day that helps me to re-energize & relax. Therefore I do things like blogging, reading, working-out and hanging with people. It really helps me to stay focused and enjoy life.

I find it interesting how much the church focuses on having a great work ethic yet we just don’t care about rest/sabbath. Even though the sabbath command is in the ten commandments and all.

I think one of the best ways for the church to really tangibly help our culture is by giving them permission to slow-down. Yes work hard, dream big and do great things with your life. But also-slow down, relax and enjoy the moment that God has given you!


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  1. bro. I totally agree. Sabbath was created for us and we must help our people recapture this holy life giving rhythm. Peace and wholeness to you as you dive the depths of the sabbath today

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