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So I continue this series on “If I church planted again.” It’s not as robust as I would like, but I hope it adds some sort of value. 

Vision Is Overrated…

I think vision gets way to much credit in the church world. Lot’s of dreamers with big idea’s. (people like me) Dreams mean nothing if they don’t get some feet and start walking. Vision can become your friend or your enemy. Vision can bear fruit or cause apathy. 

The difference is leadership. It takes a leader to see the vision from scratch to wholeness while a dreamer will continue to “put stuff on paper” but that “stuff” never comes alive in the people of God. A true leader will take the words on the paper document and bring life and fruit from the vision.

The greatest leaders are not the visionary but the implementer. The visionary has to learn how to implement or have people around them who can implement the vision. 

I stink at imlementation. An implementor walks the vision step-by-step. They are the heroes in the Kingdom of God. They usually don’t speak at conferences or write books…But they are the glue to any organization. 

My biggest failure in leadership is not developing the implementer. I’m begging God for that person in my life. They will make me better…They will make the Kingdom better. This person is not my “right hand man.” That statement should be wiped from the face of the earth…It’s belittling in my opinion. 

They are co-partners in the life of the church. They are vital. The visionary can see the fruit but the implementer can grow the fruit-they cultivate. 

One without the other equals lost time, a possible waste of resources and dreams that go to the graveyard. 

The past few months I’ve been a dreamer…But I’ve lacked the grit to see these dreams become tangible. 

If I planted a church again…I would do WHATEVER it took to find the right person who is good at implementing the day-to-day strategy that God has for the church. Every visionary needs the “glue” person.



  1. thanks dude for the encouragement!

  2. Great insights. It’s easy to dream, but much harder to turn those dreams into practical strategies that help you accomplish your God-given mission. Quoted you in a post of my own:


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