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So if you know Jeff Mangum you know he’s got a fetish for all things storms. If he was not a pastor and or youth speaker he’d definitely be a meteorologist. Below is the update he posted on the Vista website.

Is he a reporter or pastor-love the details…He predicts landfall, mph and possible destruction. Amazing. Gotta love this:


We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Ike. As of Wednesday afternoon, Ike is predicted to become a powerful Category 4 Hurricane. This is very bad news for the Gulf Coast. Landfall will be between Corpus Christi and Houston/Galveston.

This storm does pose a significant threat to Austin. As of now, the Hurricane is looking to move north into the Austin area. We are predicted to have 60-75 mph winds and torrential rain. This means flooding and the loss of electricity are highly possible, if not probable. Ike is predicted to have 105 mph near San Antonio and just slightly weaker as it moves toward Austin.

On top of this, there are/will be a significant number of Gulf Coast evacuees that are coming to Austin (There will be 8 at the Mangum home).

There is a possibility that we will be cancelling Sunday’s Worship Gathering. We will update this page throughout the upcoming few days. Please stay tuned for updates.

Meteorologist-Jeff Mangum




  1. That is either really funny, or really scary – on a whole bunch of levels. Also scary is that I can’t decide which one it is…lol

  2. All I can say is…honestly…I don’t know if the thought of set-up tear down crew working in a Hurricane to unload the truck is somewhat humorous…or just really sad! Either way it would present an interesting challenge

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