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I love meeting with people. This morning I met a friend who is a missionary to the Middle East. Really enjoyed our time together and I love hearing what God is doing in that part of the world.  Very very cool. Not sure I can identify this dude so for now he will remain nameless, but he’s doing some true gospel work.

Then Jeff and I hung out with Aaron Ivey for lunch. Love that dudes heart for the church and global mission. Aaron is on staff at Austin Stone and also works with Compassion & Real Hope For Haitii plus he loves good coffee. Looking forward to hanging some more…

Then I was able to chat with Jeff Ramsey about all things HELP. Jeff (along with J. Gore) planted Visio Dei in the heart of Raleigh a few years back. God is doing some very good things which is truly exciting.

Trying to stay updated on all things IKE. Stupid hurricane…Please pray for Houston. It’s not looking good at all. Come Monday we will assess how we can help and serve that city/region.

For whatever reason I’m extremely tired today. I could hardly stay awake driving from home to Sodade. I’m a little worried to be honest. Not sure if I’m exausted, getting sick or what…Lame.



  1. Hey bro,

    Great visiting with you this morning. Thanks for not identifying me!

    Peace to you brother,
    From the Middle East

  2. man, it was really great to hang with you at Mangia’s. thanks for the shout out on your blog. looking forward to next time… especially since you are the King Cat of coffee houses in Austin. instant friendship.

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