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Sunday night and another weekend is over-they go so fast don’t they.


  • Vista was great this morning. Packed house…But still low energy. Clap people..Its good for you!!
  • Travis and the band did great and they are still going to get way better 
  • Jeff spoke from Luke 1. Good stuff on being content. 
  • My family is getting sick. Not good. 
  • Looking forward to talking to Tyler Jones from Vintage 21 tomorrow-miss that dude.
  • Last I heard the Gore babies are doing good-thanks for praying. 
  • I’m getting KILLED in my fantasy football league. Right now it’s 104 to 27. Darn you Ashdown. 
  • Going to work on some practical ways to help H-town and the Gulf this week, I’ll let you know. 
  • May watch Bella with the wife tonight-I hope it’s good. 
  • 40-60 MPH wind gust in tonight Pitt vs. Browns game-crazy!
  • The Denver Broncos did not deserve that game. But I have a feeling Chandler is grinning. 
  • I’m going to workout this week. I SUCK right now. 
  • Reading the Tangible Kingdom-Good book. 
  • I love the Raiders. Life long fan. But they are a joke. At least they won today. 
  • Always rooting for Carolina teams-Go Panthers and NC State. 
  • I can’t believe I’m losing 104 to 27 in fantasy. How can that happen?
  • Football in HD is just better. Sorry Mangum.
  • Planning a trip to Raleigh this week. Can’t wait to hang with some NC peeps. 
  • Our family is still waiting for cousin Marley-geez…that baby does not want to come out. 
Hope you had a good week…Looking forward to a new one to start tomorrow. 


  1. and mr parker didnt really help ya tonight….the W is right around the corner…. hehe

  2. bella is good.

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