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The word missional has really lost it’s ability to communicate its essence. Missional is robust by nature, it can and should mean a lot of things. The emerging church brought that word back to life earlier this decade. (imho) Since then it’s spread throughout the evangelical landscape-which is good…but it’s also bad–very bad. 

The heart of being a missional church is not a gathering but a sending. It’s a challenge for God’s people to live out their faith together as “sent-people” into our specific domains of society. Missional is not a “come to us on Sunday” but a “go to them everyday” philosophy.

Therefore you can’t define missional if it’s derived from a gathering or even an event. However you can define being missionl if the people who make up your church are becoming missionaries to their domains.  

This is where it gets hairy. For instance, if a church has a “great” gathering on Sunday many leaders think they are missional. Or maybe you have a “great” event with lots of people; again that does not mean your missional. (It’s also not necessarily bad)

So a lot of people “go” on a mission trip (good) but come home and forget about the people (bad).They also don’t live out the gospel in their own cities and neighborhoods and places of work (bad). See how easy it is to assume you’re missional when the reality is you’re not. Not trying to be harsh, but we have to recalibrate the heart of mission.

Mission does not flow through the confines of any formal church events or gatherings (hopefully they propel mission) but through the lives of the people. 

So please let’s gospel each-other by helping one-another determine if we are truly missional. Let’s not hide behind the occasional good-works or or annual mission trip. Let’s look deeper into our hearts and daily rhythms and challenge each on to be on-mission always.

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  1. Amen.

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