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I spent the entire morning on the phone or iChat in various meetings. I love connecting with people and hearing what God is doing in their life. I get so energized.

This morning I was on a conference call with John and Todd. John is planting a church here in Austin called Austin Mustard Seed. Church Planting is extremely painful work that takes a ton of faith and perseverance. Please pray for Austin Mustard Seed and John as he tries to get this vision off the ground.

Yes we are geeks:

My passion for HELP is to help other non-profits who are already working in key strategic areas. So today I connected with Barak Bruerd of Blood: Water Mission. I enjoyed hearing their story and learning how they work on the ground in Africa. Hopefully Blood: Water Mission and HELP can partner together in the future to bring clean water to villages in Africa. I was able to learn a lot which is so helpful. Thanks Barak!!!

I’ve had a virtual friendship with Bill Cummings for awhile. Bill is leading a faith community in Raleigh and he’s also pioneering a non-profit called Lemonade International. Love his passion for the city of Raleigh and also for the global church. Go to his website and sponsor a kid and get involved. We need THOUSANDS of these types of organization who want to help those in extreme poverty.

Last but definitely not least I was able to chat with my Egypt contact who must remain nameless. (I hate that) I was able to catch up on our friends in Egypt and what God is doing over-there. He’s so passionate for His country and church. I was also invited to a global round-table discussion in Las Vegas. How can the church in the West partner with the church in the Middle East?  Big question that needs to be answered.

Again I love vision. But I also love seeing the vision become alive and tangible. So much fun!!!



  1. Wow…we look a lot happer in your ichat image than we do in mine —

    and why are you saying F.U. to your readers to end your post?

  2. Crap-The FU was supposed to be FUN 🙂

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