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Watching Sunday Night Foorball…Relaxing. 

  • Necole no longer works Saturday. First time in two years that we’ve had a Saturday family day. 
  • So we had breakfast at Austin Java’s, spent time with friends at Zilker Park and grabbed lunch at Wahoo’s. Fun times.
  • Today I did not go to church but I heard it was great. Although a bit low on numbers today. 
  • We may take a trip to Houston this week. Definitely going to donate some more funds and supplies. 
  • Our passion for HELP is so deep we are discussing how my wife can become full time asap. 
  • We’re both tired of her working so much. Just can’t balance two full-time jobs, home and kids. Something had to give.
  • Raiders blew it-go figure. 
  • So did Notre Dame
  • Congrats to NC State-HUGE win. 
  • USA won the Ryder Cup-finally.
  • I really need a productive week this week. Seems like I say that all the time.
  • Looking forward to reading Rob Bell’s new book. Review forthcoming. 
  • Enjoying the latest addition to our family-niece Marlee. 
  • New fall tv starts this week. Church, Heroes and Criminal Minds. Saweet. 
  • Strange day in football. Weak Fantasy day for me. But I could still win if Romo gives me 5 points in 2nd half.
Hope you had a great weekend. 

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