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Yesterday I shared about Social Media & Noise. I’m doing my best to balance being connected and also have a sense of solitude and focus.

Today I wanted to share a recent personal struggle that many of us face. Which is balance. No doubt balance can be robust and very frustrating. At this point in time I can’t find a rhythm to eat healthy, workout, take care of the kids, read, pray & study, get things done around the house and live in community and find proper rest.

For me much of this stems from having two kids in school and my wife works full-time. I watch my kids everyday from 3-5:30PM. ( I try to work) I get up @ 6AM to try and get ahead of the game. But many days I just can’t get everything done.

Most Americans feel the same way. Not enough time and/or resources to find a healthy life balance. I think this is the biggest challenge in our culture. Missional living (being sent to love and serve our domains) seems so good to many, but most of the conversations I have go like this “I’m busy, life is busy, no time to rest, etc.” Being missional can seem so abstract. 

No easy answers to this imposing question. What do you do to balance life? I could really use your help. Or do you also struggle with the same issue?



  1. This is a huge one for me. My husband and I both work, 2 young kids…Being missional is so difficult. I have success when I just focus on making today a good day and not getting stressed about tomorrow. When I think about tomorrow, I mess up today.

  2. It is difficult and I definitely struggle with it. I do have a “routine” – had to force myself to implement this – but I’m not hung up on it either. By that, what I don’t look at my schedule so much through time or tasks as I do through relationships. If someone is in front of me, they are more important than anything else that needs to be done that day. My big struggle right now is making sure physical exercise is in the mix.

    Peace to you,
    From the Middle East

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