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This morning I headed downtown to our monthly church planters meeting. Dan Davis spoke on the history of Austin and the future of the church. Dan is somewhat legendary in these parts. He’s served the city for 30 + years and loves church planting. This guy bleeds the city of Austin and The Kingdom of God. 

After the meeting I hung-out with Brandon Hatmaker, Jonathon Dodson, John Chandler and Mr. Mangum @ Galaxy Cafe. Great time reflecting on Austin, church planting, missional living and of course good food. 

These guys are sharp, love Jesus and think Austin first. We all know we’re apart of a bigger story. We need each other to truly see the gospel reign in our city. I think when churches work together its a sign of renewal…God is doing something special and I get to do my little part. 

There have been multiple times where I’ve emailed them (more then just the names mentioned above) or they’ve emailed me seeking counsel and prayer. We can lean on each other. There is a joy and comfort in knowing that I’m apart of their story, I share their struggles and dreams and they share mine. 

I truly think this is a key sign of renewal in our city. We need a unified church that loves and serves Jesus together as one body under one head.


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