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Its a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • For three days every year Austin becomes the center of the music universe. Austin City Limits is awesome. But I chose not to attend this year for various reseans like: The price went up, I was not a big fan or this year’s musical lineup, the sun is still blazing hot, traffic is nuts and you have to deal with stuff like this. All that being said-for most people it’s still worth attending.
  • Vista was good this morning. Our volunteers rock. They work so hard everyweek.
  • The past few weeks we’ve been low on attendance. Maybe it’s Hurricane Ike or ACL. Not sure.
  • I really wish people would actually show up at church on time. Not 30 min late. Just saying…
  • Yesterday I become mr. fix-it-man. I hate that. I even had to go to home depot. Geez…That place sucks. HD sucks your time and your wallet.
  • Red Sox almost caught-up and won the division. But congrats to the Rays. Impressive.
  • I’m really looking forward to fall weather. I wonder when it will come.
  • College football was awesome this past week. Both Notre Dame and Texas took care of business. And I love all the upsets.
  • Kayla hooked Necole up with tickets to see The Swell Season. No I did not go, yes I know I’m stupid. Last time they were in Austin I was In Africa. I swore to myself I would not miss them again. Oh well.
  • Kenzie is seeing a specialist this week about a possible kidney problem. I’ll keep everyone updated. In the meantime pray.
  • I think I”m going to whip Wade in Fantasy Football. He had lots of dudes on bye this week.
  • Our local NBC affiliate-KXAN and Time Warner Cable are feuding. Basically TWC may drop KXAN. Therefore I will no longer have a NBC channel. TWC cable tells me I can watch online-Amazing. Here I come Direct TV. Here is TWC response & KXAN response. Both companies are LAME.
  • UPDATE: Raiders CHOKED again. Who would have thought. It’s horrible to know that your team is the worst team in all of professional sports. Commitment to Excellence. NOT!
  • Cowboy fans: At lease the Longhorns won. Of course if you’re an Aggie that does not help the hurting soul.

Hope your weekend was awesome.


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