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Alltop hails itself as an online “magazine rack.” They have myriad of topics in which one can choose. Under each of those topics (say politics, church, music, etc) is a list of what they consider top blogs. So the good news for the reader who may want to explore a certain topic is the fact that there is a dedicated web-space in-which one could go to and find lots of blogs on those certain topics. See example below:

Truthfully I was a bit shocked that this little blog was chosen under the “Christian” category. I started blogging for fun in 2002. Just a handful of friends would read and for the most part they would email me about my poor grammar. (which they are still doing) I do my best to keep this blog raw, real and unprofessional. (not trying to make money by blogging-but if somebody wants to pay me, then I’ll take the loot)

Last week I got an email from their founder Guy Kawasaki and he informed me that they made a mistake and accidentally added my blog. Man I was so bummed. OK, just kidding about the mistake. But Guy did inform me that they came out with a new & improved version of Alltop. 

So if you haven’t checked it out I would encourage you to do so. It’s really a great tool to find new voices on various subjects. We truly are living in a global village where the average person can have a voice and create virtual friendship that do have substance and meaning.



  1. I have always felt so honored, just to be able to make a comment. Now I finally know why 🙂 Congrats my friend…

  2. Charles,

    Thanks man…

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