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I heard one of my favorite sportscasters (Scott Van Pelt) ask this question on the air today to a financial analyst/sport marketing guru.  “Just tell me it’s gonna be alright.” There is no doubt this seems to be a core question in America. Think about all the things Americans are faced with right now:

  • Key political issue. Five weeks to the election.
  • Hurricane Ike relief. 2-5 year process.
  • Major companies declaring bankruptcy.
  • Gas shortage in the Southeast.
  • Gas prices that are sky-high.
  • Foreclosures are now the norm.
  • Unemployment
  • We are currently involved in two wars.
  • Worst one-day stock market crash. ($1.2 Trillion-WOW)
  • $700 Billion Dollar Buyout plan.

I guess I could find more issues if I wanted. But I don’t really need to. Here is my thoughts… At this time in America we have no-one to look to for leadership. Maybe Warren Buffet on the market issues. But really…who is leading our country? Seems like a bunch of talking heads squabbling and getting nothing done.

Also, how can the church respond? What does this mean? How do we become a more integral part of our culture and help shape it for the gospel and it’s mission.

Times are tough. But I think God is doing something that will be for the “good” of America and the world. Maybe we need some pruning so we can move forward as a country and allow a more simple and holistic way of living to blossom.

I hope and pray that we become a better nation and a blessing to the world.



  1. As I was doing my reading this morning, both in my news feeds, and in the word, I had that same thought. God may be doing some “pruning” in order to move forward, and become a little bit more simple. Good word.

  2. DK,
    I hope so. Maybe we will be better off in the end.

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