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I really want to see the following five bands/musicians play live. 

1. U2: I’ve never see them live. I will do whatever it takes to see them on their next tour. 

2. Death Cab: Love these cats. 

3. Jack Johnson: My kinda show. Mellow and laid back. 

4. Sufjan Stevens: I’m not sure I really appreciate how good he truly is. 

5. Swell Season: Don’t remind me that they just played Austin this past Friday and my wife show them for the second time in 1 year. 

Do you have any must see gigs? If so who?


  1. Well going into this past weekend my top 5 were: U2, Swell Season, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, and Band of Horses. Even though festivals aren’t the best shows, I can now check off Foo Fighters and BoH. Check off Swell Season @ Paramount (see Facebook profile pic). Check off Coldplay on Nov. 19th in Houston. That leaves U2 and I guess I’ll have to come up with 4 new must see shows. I could see Sufjan making the list, probably Bell X1, maybe Keane…

  2. Two words: MUTE. MATH.

    I saw them at a shabby bar in Tucson and at Stubbs BBQ in Austin and both times they rocked my face off.

  3. I must say that I have seen u2 live and they don’t really top the list of best live shows. I love their music, but their show was really nothing special live.

    The best two bands I’ve ever seen live are Smashing Pumpkins and Flogging Molly.

    I really want to see Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips live, both of whom I’ve heard put on amazing live shows. Oh yeah–and Rush.

  4. Marlow – You know you can always get me to join the conversation talking about music. 🙂 Church planting I don’t know about, politics I don’t care about, but music…I love music. So my 1st comment was shows I want to see…if we’re talking my favorite shows thus far that i would recommend as “Must See”:
    1) Mute Math @ Zona Rosa
    2) Snow Patrol & OK Go @ Stubb’s
    3) Damien Rice @ Bass Concert
    4) Decemberists @ ACL

  5. Man, Chris. It’s been awhile now… but I think I saw the greatest U2 tour ever… The Josuha Tree in 1988! It might cost you $300 on eBay.. but defnitely a must see. And I hate to tell you… but The Swell Season came to Raleigh back in May and I got to take my wife for her birthday . Great show! Don’t miss them next time…

  6. Dude! I saw Cheap Trick open for Night Ranger on the Dawn Patrol tour in College Station, Texas. The rest is commentary. hee hee.

    more seriously, while we were in Arkansas we saw David Crowder Band and Third Day. That was a pretty good show. I would love to see Mute Math sometime.

  7. Phish reunion: March 6-8, 2009.

  8. I tried to watch Death Cab at ACL a few years back – the show wasn’t great… I think it might have been the setting – they might not be a good festival act. (kinda like Damien Rice or The Swell Season)

    The best show I’ve seen is Travis @ Zona Rosa then the second best would be seeing Mute Math for the first time INDOOR @ STUBBS!!

  9. coldplay @ smirnoff
    radiohead in houston
    mutemath at the granada, dallas

    want to see u2 live so bad. and i to will do whatever it takes to see them on their next tour.

    most impactful concert ive ever seen
    lesermor (soon to be greatness in tragedy) at bum’s first time to see them. very passionate show, as was every show.

    want to see:
    the lonely hearts
    ryan adams
    jeff tweady- small acoustic show

  10. i’ve seen two of your five:
    death cab was nothing special. i’ve seen them twice (once at ACL). their music is great and it’s a decent show, but if you’re going to pay $50 to see a show, death cab isn’t the best choice.

    jack johnson is absolutely the most boring show ever. it’s mellow, yes, but every song of his sounds exactly the same.

    i’d really love to see sufjan, the swell season, and, of course, U2.

    others that were really good: ryan adams, snow patrol, trey anastasio, john mayer.

    BUT… if you want a show you will remember forever, two words: SIGUR ROS. just trust me. i’ve seen a TON of shows (including often-cited favorites Coldplay and Mute Math multiple times). both bands were excellent (Mute Math is, as you know, unbelievable live), but they pale – and i mean PALE – in comparison to sigur ros. i’ve seen them twice, and those two shows are EASILY my #1 and #2 shows of all time. mute math is probably #3, and it’s not even close. let’s put it this way: sigur ros’ shows are the most worshipful experience i’ve ever had to music. people were crying during the show all over. i can’t even begin to describe it. watch their DVD “heima” for a small taste, although that doesn’t do it justice. (for those that don’t know, sigur ros is similar to explosions in the sky, but, you know, interesting for more than 20 minutes…).

    seriously, you can thank me later.

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