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Here are some of the books I’m currently reading or will read in the next few weeks. Reading is a passion of mine that has been lost these past few months. Not sure why. I don’t agree with everything these authors pen, but I do try and see the gospel through everything. 

Awakening The Entrepreneur Within, Michael E. Gerber: The author wrote the legendary book E-Myth. Title speaks for itself. Seems to be a pretty in-depth work and not self-help induced. 

Mavericks At Work, Why The Most Original Minds In Business Win: Another business book about innovation and leadership. Lot’s of raving fans. Hope it’s good. 

Made To Stick: Another book with lots of fans. We all have great idea’s. But very few stick. Creativity is vital in our information-driven world. How do I cause my dream to stick in other people’s minds/hearts so they will become partners in the dream. 

Tangible Kingdom, Hugh Halter: I love this book. Simple and effective. Creative writing and great storytelling. 

Vintage Jesus, Mark Driscoll: I like Driscoll a lot more as a writer. He’s raw, real and funny. I love his passion for theology, church and culture. Although he can still frustrate me; and that is why I read him. 

Jesus Wants To Save Christians, Rob Bell: Irony I know. I have no party line to toe, I’m not reformed or emergent. (I guess I’m a mix of Reformed-Pentecostal-Emerging). That being said, I think Rob Bell is brilliant and he’s made a difference in my life. One think I hate about Driscoll and Bell is all the cronies that follow these cats. Looking forward to reading this book and allowing it to challenge my thinking. 

What books are you reading.



  1. hey, did you hear that mark driscoll called rob bell a heretic? we should have a discussion about it here.


  2. Kyle,
    Epic. enough said.
    Miss ya man.

  3. I’m reading Vintage Jesus too, plus Boundaries by Dr Henry Cloud and a few others. Check out my blog and tell me what you think.

  4. Julian,
    Thanks for hanging. You did not add your URL.

  5. Hey man,
    Are you at the Missio intensive: Tangible Kingdom weekend?
    If you liked the book check out the rest

  6. You can check out my blogging at

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