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Really convicting and thought-provoking post by Todd Hiestand: » A Holy (Suburban) discontent » Missional Living in Suburban America.

Here is what I love about this post. Todd does not just present a problem. Instead he tries to focus on some solutions. We truly have become enslaved to culture. It’s like an addiction and the majority refuse to admit how this addiction is killing us. Because of this addiction we:

  • Struggle to seek God on a consistent basis.
  • Fail to live a missional lives via our actions. 
  • Our marriages are in disarray. We sometimes feel like we don’t even know our spouse. 
  • Our sex lives are unfulfilling therefore it leads us to frustration, online addictions etc. 
  • Instead of loving our kids, we become managers. Do what we can do to get them/us through day-to-day life. 
  • We rarely slow-down long enough to embrace the present and relax. 
  • We constantly feel like we’re not doing the right thing. We feel like we let down God and each-other.
  • We fail to exercise and eat right. 
  • Our spending becomes compulsive (which is sinful) and we create debt. 

I’m sure I could go on and on. It’s not needed. What is needed is conviction to change.  Conviction to live different, slow-down, love more, give more, serve more and see life through a gospel-centric lens. 

BTW-I think this issue supersedes just suburbia. Urban folks tend to be just as busy and complicated. As Christ-followers me must show the world a new way to live life so they can see how relevant and life-transforming the gospel is.


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