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I really think one of HELP‘s future ambitions is to partner with various organization who are trying to rescue young girls from the sex-slave industry. I can’t imagine what makes the heart of God more angry then adults forcing children to be slaves and use their body to make money.

IT IS NOT RIGHT AND EVERY CHRISTIAN SHOULD BE MAD AS HELL THAT THIS HAPPENS. But for the most part we simply ignore the issue. I know I do…Because I hate that it exist.

That being said their is a new flick coming to Austin (and the nation) called Call & Response. Oct 9th their will be a showing here in Austin. I would some Vista peeps to get together and see the show. Then discuss how our church can respond.



  1. I think a visit to Phoenix and SSCC to talk with Vision Abolition would be a good place to start!

  2. I’m in

  3. Hey, Chris, thanks for emphasizing this. A friend of mine is organizing Thursday night’s showing. They need as many people as possible to see the film next weekend in order to show the movie world that there’s interest in this kind of documentary so they’ll open it on more screens. If your crew can prepurchase tickets for Thursday or any time this weekend through the Dobie website, that would be awesome! If you’ll be there Thurs, maybe we can finally meet in person!

  4. Come on people! Mine and dksnyder’s church started a non-profit and is fighting this issue at its core… what has YOUR church done lately?

    (totally kidding, btw)

  5. Even though I’m not one of the “Vista peeps,” if I could be there, I would.

    Peace to you brother,
    From the Middle East

  6. TIA,
    We spreading the word. Yes…It will be great to finally meet in person.

  7. DK & NICK,

    That rocks your church started a non-prof.

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