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Brandon Hatmaker is a fellow Austin pastor and friend. He posted some thoughts on a talk Jim Collins gave at catalyst last week. Good To Great is one of my all-time favorite books.

I love this quote:

Within every organization or company that is great…you will find a culture of discipline.

My wife asked me the other day what is the one thing that will stop HELP from becoming a great organization. My response was fear. Fear of the unknown, fear that my life will require faith, fear of being in dangerous situations, fear that God will not provide just because the economy is in shambles.

Fear is the constant enemy of faith.

I still  think fear is my foremost enemy. But a close second is discipline. Please don’t misunderstand discipline for work-ethic. Discipline to me is this: Am I doing the right things at the right time with the right people that will create the necessary results that I desire? If I can answer yes to the first question then I have one more question. Can I sustain “it” so the momentum can run it’s course and cause the fruit/results I want to see?

It takes a very disciplined organization to create that scenario. It’s easy to work long-hours, but still get nothing done. It’s easy to live in chaos and lose focus. It’s easy to side-tracked & bogged down by all the issues that every organization has.

An undisciplined culture usually is thwarted by sideways energy. Dreams can be lost in this reality. Time and resources are wasted. And eventually the vision slowly dies.

It takes discipline to focus on the big picture and it takes discipline to sustain it.

At this moment in my life I know I’m not ready to lead a first-class organization that will honor God and make a deep impact in culture. Hopefully, by God’s grace this will change. My next post will focus on some simple ways that I think will make me a better leader.



  1. **scott takes a deep breath and realizes he has so much to learn**

  2. i think your right. fear is the opposition pressing against faith. yet even in the darkness of fear the voice of Jesus utters these simple words, “do not fear, only believe”

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