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I love meeting new people and hearing stories. Today I met with Nate Navarro at Thunderbird Coffee (not only do they do coffee-art, they also have french-press)  Nate is one of the worship pastors at Austin City Life. He also has a new album, go check it out.

I love his heart. He wanted to hear about HELP and our vision and how he could help us, my kinda-of-guy. I’m sure we’ll be able to partner in the future so we can love our city and help those who live in extreme poverty. Fun times. 

Back to to my french press coffee. Yummy!!!!



  1. Man, I love Nate. A tender heart touched by God’s grace who seeks to know more of Him. He led worship for us last Sunday night and God was good to us.

  2. First time visitor here. You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you visit a cafe that does late art and uses french press. So many people nowadays,especially ministers, seem to be caught up on the Starbucks train LOL. sorry for my ramblings….enjoying the blog so far.

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