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Pretty laid back weekend.

  • The weather has been great in Austin.
  • Vista was good today. We changed the format and added more worship post-message, which was good.
  • I’m working on some major opportunities for HELP, but that will mean some major changes.
  • I will be VERY excited when the prez election is over. So tired of it all.
  • Can’t believe the Red Sox epic come-back victory then game 6 win. If we win tonight-wow. Let the hatters come and whine but Red Sox nation will be rocking.
  • Rays: Serious they are a good team. I have a lot of respect for them.
  • Loving the Texas Longhorns. Two impressive wins. Now we get #7 & #8 ranked teams. Can we make it.
  • NBA season is close.Can’t wait.
  • Been working on a home office. I feel so much more productive.
  • Still hate Time Warner Cable and KXAN. They both suck.
  • My 6 year-old got her new glasses. Kinda sad for her. Wearing glasses is a hassle.
  • Dallas Cowboys are looking pitiful. Superbowl…? How about a win!
  • Bailey stayed with me in worship this morning. I can tell God touched her heart.
  • Been reading a lot lately. Tribes by Godin is good.
  • Looking forward to hitting the gym HARD this week.
  • Love starting my first 90 min of the day in reflection and prayer. It changes everything.

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