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As most people know I’m really passionate about HELP. I can work all day and all night. I love it. But I wanted to make something very clear. My passion is not for a non-profit, it’s not about aid, its not about traveling to exotic locations in order to live some “Indiana Jones” kind of life. My passion is the local church. Sometimes I wish I did not care so much about the local church but the burden is deep and the call is evident

This is why HELP’s desire is to partner with churches both locally and globally. We want to do everything through the local church. We want Jesus to get the fame and the church to get credibilty. We desire to do “good works” so we can share the gospel story, so the light of Jesus will shine deeply in the darkest places and provide hope and resources. When we build an orphanage or dig a water-well, when we give micro-loans and train future indigenous business leaders and pastors, when we pass out nets to protect against malaria or support local kids so they can be fed, clothed, housed and educated. We do this for and in-the-name of Jesus.

The church will be the pathway to long-term health and healing. We just want to partner with key leaders who need support and encouragement. Therefore Help End Local Poverty is just an extension of the local church.


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