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The New Rickshaw Moleskine Folio Prototype.

HT: Nathan Gilmer


  1. Absolutely ridiculous waste of money. The best thing about moleskins is the tattered look they get. Hemmingway is laughing his gay, key-west-loving “a” off right now, as well as I am… minus the gay, but you can include the key-west-loving “a” for me cause that place is sweet.


  2. Seems like it might be good for travel… But it seems like it takes a beautifully slim and compact journal and makes it bulky. I usually carry around mine in my backpack and for smaller trips I can throw it in my sling. The Rickshaw makes me think I’d be taking a step back from the compactness of my Moleskine. Plus, I love the way my Moleskine looks. I do use some of the hacks found here that give some more functionality without sacrificing space –

  3. Erick



    I agree. It bulky.

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