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So if you’re a big productivity fan like I am then let me recommend three cool tools that are vital to running a church and non-profit.

Before we get to that let me say this. I’ve become an affiliate with 37 Signals. What that means is this: When you click on the graphic below and sign-up then I will get some cash so I can pay for my monthly Backpack, Campfire and Basecamp fees for HELP. Just a simple way to keep cost low and productivity high. 

Now onto the issue at hand: 

We all have data to collect, store and process. I start-by the process by using Things. My first-step to collecting info is using this program on my Mac or iPhone. It works great. Everything starts here. 

If a task is considered a project then I move that to either Backpack or Basecamp. Here is how I differentiate the two: Basecamp is for all things team-oriented. I use Backpack for my personal to’do projects. If my project is connected to larger projects I do my portion in Backpack and them communicate tp the team in Basecamp.  I’ve used this product for over a year and I’m very happy with it. 


Vista used basecamp for a longtime and it really helped keep key volunteers in the loop. One of the tough issues a mobile organization faces is manging information and tasks. Basecamp fills that void quite well. It’s quick, simple and effective. Great app for those who work in mobile environments especially if you have a team of people.  


Do yourself a favor, sign-up and try it out. Hopefully your organization will become more effective. 



  1. Love Basecamp provided you have a team that is intentional enough to keep with it.

    Why use both Things and Backpack? Don’t you just end up having to manage two different lists of the same info?

  2. John,
    I don’t use backpack for nay to’do’s. Only projects that have multiple steps, but not attached to a team.

    Of course I’m sure their is an easier way 🙂

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