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I wanted to share a few key changes that we’ve made in the last two weeks that really increased our productivity, which I shared a little bit yesterday in this post.

First of all I’m not a productivity freak, David Allen is not my idol and I don’t spend hours upon hours on 43 Folders. Although their is a lot of good stuff from those cats. 

My goal for productivity is quite simple. The more efficient I am in “doing” things the more time I will have to simply “be.” So productivity is not the end goal but creating balance is vital. This helps me to slow down, breath, spend time with family and friends, eat better, workout more and hopefully avoid major times of burn-out. 

We’ve had some vision drift at Vista for the past 2-3 months. Lot’s of vision frustrations. I addressed that in this post. So we made a few key changes that has brought life and energy back to me personally and our organization as a whole. 

1. Clarified The Vision: We hear this often. But trust me, you will have constant vision drift. After hours of conversation and many moments of prayer we were able to find peace & direction. This has given me much hope. 

2. Ceased meetings that did not benefit the org:  Basically we decided to stop wasting time in needless staff meetings that took so much life out of us. We are now meeting every-other-week. This has given us more time to work on key issues that are vital yet we never seem to have time to focus on them.  Meetings can be the biggest time-waster. For some reason we feel validated or formal if we have them. But truthfully most meetings are led poorly and only cause confusion and stop momentum. 

3. Rearranged The Bus: We had some people out of position. So we are focusing on making sure the right people are in the right place. Also, the right people are at the right meetings. Again this has brought life to me personally. I can stay focused and not feel so mentally worn-out by have too many conversation that produce little to no fruit. But those conversations cause me to go all psycho cause my patience level is somewhere around minus 2 or something like that. 

4.  Change office locations: I just heard the founder of 37 signals state that his company is better when everyone is not together. There are simply to many interruptions. I tend to agree with him. Especially in small organizations. So Jeff and I both created home-offices. Man I’m so much more productive. I hope to spend 2 days at home and 3 days out-and-about at coffee-shops. I LOVE this balance. I feel like I have total control over my focus. 

And I still feel highly connected as we utilize technology to stay in touch and communicate throughout the week. 

5. Cut Costs: Moving office space will eventually save us some much needed funds. The past 4-5 months we’ve struggles financially and it’s become a huge burden for us. So we need to be pro-active in our approach and create more financial health. 

6. Empower People: The greatest resource we have is our people. A few months ago the band that helped plant Vista moved on. We had a few weeks to change our entire worship ministry. It caused a great deal of stress for a season. But we had a key volunteer step-up and run the ministry. Now we have three worship leaders and I love it. I love seeing Vista folks getting to do what they love to do. Jeff and I rarely have anything to do with this ministry. We just get updated and we provide wisdom when needed. 

We’ve also turned over our finances to one of our deacons. This dude is sharp and we will be a better church because of this move. And Jeff will be a lot happier. 

Another key volunteer took over our set-up and tear-down team. No one asked him, he just did it. Because of that we were able to move the previous leader into the finance position. 

Now let me say this. We still have a long way to go. None of the above ministries are completely healthy by any means. But I feel like we’ve been able to make some changes that will create more fruit in the long-run. This is a never ending journey that always needs to be defined and sharpened. 

Ecclesiastes 10:10

“If iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one succeed.”


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  1. Good stuff Chris… there is wisdom in a ton of these moves… you’ll surely see the fruit whether it’s through time, energy, peace, clarity, sleep, productivity, etc… all and any of these are good things.

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