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Occasionally here at Simply Missional I like to introduce you to some possible new bloggers that I’ve been following. (new to you not me) The best thing about the blogging world is not the content but the people behind the content. 

Charles Lee is a pastor, teaches at Life Bible College and also runs a non-profit. But for some reason I don’t think he’s all that busy. I’m going to be chatting with Charles next week on the phone. Looking forward to that. 

Brandon Hatmaker is a local Austin pastor and also leads a non-profit. Brandon just planted his church in the past year and they are doing some really good work here in Austin. 

Nick Asolas has become a great virtual friend. Here is what I love about Nick, he takes on challenging topics like politics and he’s not afraid to share his thoughts. Nick is a youth pastor in AZ and their church does a ton of social justice work. 

Todd Hiestand is a pastor in the Philly Suburbs. Todd is a voice for the organic church in suburbia. His writing is reflective and thoughtful. 

Aaron Ivey is one of the worship pastors at the Austin Stone. His blog is creative and his passion for the Kingdom is contagious. He’s also a musician and has adopted some kids from Haiti. 

Jonathan Dodson is also a church planter here in Austin. I know I’ve put Jonathan on my “new bloggers” list before. But I truly think his blogs (he has three) are refreshing, practical and insightful. 

John Chandler is a friend that I met through the blogging world a few years ago. He just moved from Seattle to Austin to plant a new faith community. The only downside to John is the fact that he’s an avid Denver Bronco’s fan. This is not easy for Raiders fans like me. 

What bloggers are you following…Leave the URL in the comments.



  1. Say no more, John Chandler is awesome. I love the Broncos, which makes it incredibly hard to understand how anybody could be a Raiders fan.

  2. great suggestions chris…mike.

  3. Well, I blog, but I love keeping up with my pastors’ blogs. Just a couple here: and

  4. Kevin,
    Its painful to say this but I agree.

    Love what you do bro. Thanks for dropping-by the blog.


    Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

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