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Pretty busy weekend. But very rewarding…

  • I changed my blog theme. I hope to make a major switch soon to
  • Enjoyed hanging with the Wade’s on Friday night. BBQ, Beer,Margarita’s, Cookies and lots of conversations. 
  • We had 12 Vista peeps go to Houston to help in Hurricane Ike Relief. Things are still pretty bad there.
  • Church was really good this morning. I spoke on Gospel as adoption, salvation and transformation.
  • Lot’s of great conversations afterwords. People are desperate to find a new way to live.
  • Not sure I’m going to be ready to start the work-week tomorrow.
  • I did not get enough time to fully prepare for this message. But I think it went pretty good.
  • Ready for another vacation….NC mountains feels good right now. Anybody have a cabin.
  • Texas Longhorns are amazing. Can’t believe they keep winning.
  • Its supposed to get colder this week in Austin. Bring it on.
  • Cold War Kids played last night at Emo’s. Ticked I missed it.
  • I want the guitar hero.
  • I don’t like the phillies, but can’t root for the rays after the cheated the red sox. ok, they did not cheat-they just whipped our butts. Errrrrrrr….
  • I may go to the chiropractor this week. That makes me scared.
  • Mangum spanked me in fantasy football.
  • NBA starts Tuesday. Can you say late nights ahead.
  • Thinking about what it means to be a global citizen and live a global life.
  • I heard from an old youth member from cali. He’s been following my blog. He said thanks for being a good influence. Always good to get those types of email. Thanks JG.
  • Thinking about going to Catalyst West Coast. Who’s going? I wonder how I could get HELP connected?


  1. Whats up bro? Make Alltop and gotta go all fancy on the blog theme? 🙂

    Looking good bro. Hope to see you around sometime.

    • Thanks dude,
      Let’s do coffee soon?
      what’s your schedule like?

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