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If you’ve read this blog over the past year you know I have a passion for global engagement. Necole and I keep asking ourselves how can we become “global citizens?” What does that look like and how can we do it with kids? 

HELP is our pathway to the globe. It’s our passion. So I thought I would give a quick update.

We’ve slowing gained some momentum. We FINALLY got our paperwork moving forward thanks to the help of Keith. We’ve been able to raise some cash and send it to Zimbabwe. Thanks to Strobe our branding is very good and Wade is working on some key marketing stuff. And we now have online giving.

My prayer lately has been this. God give me a tribe of 1000 passionate people who desire to end poverty and are willing to work and sacrifice to do. 1000…It starts with 3 then 12, then 120, then 1000. I want this to be a global tribe. Austin, Raleigh, Sac-town & Seattle…Cape Town, Harare and Cairo…On and on.

FYI-To find out more about Tribe read Seth Godin new book. Its good read that I think it very important to understanding future leadership principles. 

So daily we work little-by-little to get the flywheel spinning. Below is a quick overview of the flywheel theory by Jim Collins

Buildup-Breakthrough Flywheel: Good-to-great transformations do not happen overnight or in one big leap. Rather, the process resembles relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel in one direction. At first, pushing it gets the flywheel to turn once. With consistent effort, it goes two turns, then five, then ten, building increasing momentum until—bang!—the wheel hits the breakthrough point, and the momentum kicks in its favor. Our comparison companies never sustained the kind of breakthrough momentum that our good-to-great companies did; instead, they lurched back and forth with radical change programs, reactionary moves, and restructurings.

What’s your dream? Don’t stop pushing!


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  1. The flywheel was huge for me in understanding momentum. Loved it.

    It gave me perspective on success which doesn’t happen overnight but over time.

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