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Another weekend has come and gone…

  • A bunch of us got together at my casa Thurs. for a pumpkin party. fun time.
  • Friday the kids had a blast and got two bags full of candy. Please people, 1 candy per kid.
  • Vista was strange this morning. Lot’s of folks out of town and my message did not connect. I just could not focus.
  • We had some peeps over last night for the Longhorn game. Sucked we lost.
  • Trying to work through some major decisions. It’s causing fatigue.
  • NFL is boring this year and the Cowgirls suck.
  • Tuesday can’t come soon enough. Tired of politics. I just pray that our country can move forward and get well.
  • Gears Of War 2 comes out Friday. Sweet.
  • Love the new ESV Study Bible.
  • Lakers won their first 3 games. Yippee!
  • I would love to take a 2-3 day vacation. Rest…relax…pray…read!
  • I just realized I’ve been on a book-buying-spree. Sway, Tribes, Total Money Make Over, Death By Love, Just Courage, The Energy Bus, ESV Bible…I think I need to stop 🙂
  • Diggin my new 3G iPhone, 16 GB is a lot better then 4 GB.
  • Looks like Ashdown will beat me in Fantasy Football. Another QB went down.
  • My Raiders suck…
  • Looking forward to a new week. Lot’s of challenges to face this week. I need God’s wisdom.


  1. how’s death by love? ditto on the nfl – what a lame year…at least the bucks are doing ok.

  2. Just Courage is great… just finished reading it. It will inspire you with the work you are doing with HELP!!

  3. What do you mean you lost? OH YEAH… I forget you root for Texas – lol

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