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So today there’s going to be a lot of people who are disappointed with tonight’s outcome. I think many Christians forget that God places those he chooses to be in authority. I know that is hard to understand and I wish God would yank the plug on many leaders like Mr. Mugabe.

No matter who wins tonight. My job is not to complain but to pray. I pray for Obama or McCain. I will ask God to give them wisdom and to make choices that will make the world a better place, even if I have to sacrifice for that to happen. 

I respect both of these men and I also disagree with them in many areas. But at the end of the day my job is love Christ and people. Simple, but hard. 

The one thing I like is the fact that history will be made tonight. Mrs. Palin or Mr. Obama will break-through some key social barriers and I think that is awesome. 

America is not perfect, but I love my country and I pray that somehow God will use us to be a blessing and a gift to humanity.



  1. Well said, Chris. Peace to you and the Vista crew. BH

  2. True, God does appoint leaders into positions of power.

    Yet, just like we say that God will allow times of testing and hardship to help push us in His direction, He can also do the same thing here, calling us to stand up to corrupt politicians and leaders who do not have the citizens best interest and freedom at heart (i.e. Declaration of Independence & American Revolution).

    I pray for the best out of either of the guys who may be the president-elect after tonight, yet I also understand that in today’s political climate, very few in office are really doing the best they can for the people who pay their salaries.

  3. BH,

    Thanks man,

    I agree..When Jesus and Paul challenged us, Rome was pretty corrupt and the Jews were basically in slavery.

    That is what I love about the Kingdom-It’s subversive.

  4. well said chris. well said.

  5. God allowed the people to appoint the national workers party to power around 1933, how’d that work out?

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