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18 years ago a black family took me to a church camp. A black preacher shared his testimony and led me to Christ and told me I was called to ministry. (I had no clue what that meant at the time)  That black family took a homeless kid into their house. Fed me, loved me and shared their life with me. 

17 years ago I stood at a funeral as my black friend was gun-downed in a drive-by shooting…20 years ago I stood at another funeral, as another black friend was killed by cop…why…well I won’t go there.

I heard their stories…I felt their pain. I had an inside view. 

For me tonight is not about politics or policy. Its about people. I remember walking in my great grandpa’s closet and I saw the KKK gear hanging. I was ashamed. 

I will pray for Barack Obama. I hope he does well and honors God and serves humanity. But tonight is bigger then politics, or Barack. 

America took a huge step forward tonight. Can we not take a step-back and thank God for all that we’ve overcome? Yes, we still have a long way to go…But for now let’s be thankful that we’ve been able to take steps in the right direction.


  1. that was emotional dude. well said. i know so little about your story. we should change that.

  2. Wow.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Always, it’s about the people.

  4. Right on man. This really gave my day a lift. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. I agree with so much of what has been said about this event. However, he is just a man with a long uphill push. He and US will need all the prayerful support available. Putin’s puppet is already shakin’ the sword.

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