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John Piper has some good thoughts on the election.

via YouTube – John Piper’s Heart in the 2008 Election



  1. And there is the process of thinking that I have been hoping to hear and see in so many leaders…great stuff.

  2. while i agree with piper in not investing our whole selves in who we vote for and the prophetic perspective i do have issues with his thought process here:

    women- i will not elaborate but this does not surprise me. Piper’s views on women are well documented. i think a better reason not to vote for palin has been documented now that campaign advisors have the permission to speak freely (even if it gets them fired. it happened)
    btw: less than a few weeks into the campaign and the advisors realize her incompetency as a vp and they continue to try to sale her as qualified. country first? sounds like deception.

    how many african americans have run for president?
    Shirley Chisholm (Democrat) 1972
    Jesse Jackson (Democrat) 1984
    Alan Keyes (Republican) 2000
    Carol Moseley Braun (Democrat) 2004
    Al Sharpton (Democrat) 2004

    obviously none on these have had the same result as obama.

    did he allude that obama was essentially the judgement because he is pro choice?

    he does make a good point of advocating for the gospel in tough economic times.

    piper contradicts himself theologically in this video. can anyone spot it? its subtle verbiage, but is direct contrast to an article by him.

    • while I don’t agree with the totality of his thinking. the one thing i
      did enjoy was his question to the man who thought the world was going
      to end if Obama was elected. have we forgot the gospel??? i think I
      should have clarified my thoughts when I posted this last night 🙂


  3. i agree with piper’s insight on that area chris. i think that is something that many christians need to hear for however they feel about the outcome. you like the outcome, calm down, our hope is in jesus. you dont like the outcome, calm down, our hope is in jesus.

    i think some people need to hear that on facebook judging by their status.

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