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Pretty busy weekend. Lot’s of fun with the family.

  • Yesterday we met John & his daughter at Alamo and watched Madagascar 2. Good flick and fun times. 
  • MY tickets are booked for Raleigh. I will be there late Dec 3rd and fly out mid-day Dec 7th. Can’t wait to see everyone. I feel like I’m going home and seeing family. 
  • While in Raleigh I will be hanging out with Tyler Jones of Vintage 21 and sharing my passion for HELP. Hoping Tyler become a board member and helps us raise MILLIONS for global poverty. 
  • Of course I can’t wait to see my friends from Visio Dei.  Jeff Ramsey and Jason Gore and the Gore babies. Praying Aidan will be home when I arrive-pray with me. 
  • Of course I’m super-stoked to see all the old Sacred peeps. I miss them all. 
  • 3 days is not enough. *sigh*
  • This is a BIG week for HELP. I gotta stay focused and crank some to-do’s. Prospectus, 501 c3, power-point presentation etc. 
  • I’m hoping in the next month-or-so to share the vision of HELP to 3 key churches. All of these churches are highly missional and influential. 
  • I spent some time last night working one minute presentation. If I have one-minute to share the HELP story what would I say that will peak interest and action. Love…Hope..Story & Movement. More to come. 
  • After church we hit up a local hiking trail in our neighborhood. Ran/Walked 2.6 miles. I needed that. Doctor called me fat last week 🙂
  • Necole and I still want to adopt-a-child. Pray for us. .
  • Texas still has a chance to play for the national title game, sorry Charles. Can an outsider say HOOK’EM???? Go horns. 
  • I rooted aginst the Raiders and for the Panther today. 
  • Hoping the Lakers kick the Rocket’s butt tonight. 
  • Necole and I are making some BIG decisions soon. Pray for us. 
  • Tribes by Godin is really good. Do yourself a favor and read it. 
  • Chandler is helping me transition from So excited!!! 
  • Love the ESV Study Bible. Even though I still have arminianism still flows deep in my blood; Although Romans 8 IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW. 
  • I’ve now achieved a few milestones:
  • Milestone #1: Posted 1000 times on this blog. Milestone #2: I “tweeted” 2000 times last week. 
  • Milestone 3:  I don’t check stats much. (4-9 times a day-JK) but I decided to have some blog goals about 6 months ago. Technorati, daily readers etc: A few weeks ago I reached my little goals. It goes to show if you put your mind to do something it can be done. 
  • Thanks to those who read, comment, link and share this real and virtual life together. 


  1. Whatever – Guns Up! We beat your adopted stinkin’ horns… Hater 🙂

  2. Just wait until you get to Romans 9. You’ll come to the ‘dark side’ in no time.

  3. I’m about half way thru “Tribes,” and am wondering if I’m missing something? So far, it seems that he has found 400 different ways to say, “Be a leader. The world needs you.” But there has been little to no substance. Having read the book, maybe you can help me out?


  5. Charles,
    TT looks good.


    Rom 9…Errr 🙂


    I think Seth is discussing a new way of leadership. Everyone can be leaders.

    Followers want to be apart of a tribe. No superstar leaders.

    Those are key issues for the church in general. I think it’s refreshing.

    To me old leadership was:

    Work hard, cast a 5-year vision, bring fear into the organization etc.

    Also, I think it’s important to understand that non-leaders have options now.

    Thanks for reading guys!!!

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