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Yesterday I posted about Mobile Office  phenomenon that has taken place across the globe. Creatives come together and collaborate informally in local third-places. I love the fact that I can be out with people, drink good coffee and have a sense of community. 

But of course there is always the downside. 

1. Money: Some days I can spend to much money. $3.50 latte, $6.50 sandwich etc. It adds-up quickly. However, I also feel a responsibility to the cafe. I won’t sit at a cafe, use their restroom, energy etc and only buy a cup-of-coffee. I also make it a point to have multiple meetings so the local cafe can create more cash-flow from me. 

2. Table-Hog: We’ve all seen that guy who takes the large table. Spreads out like it’s his personal space, and stays all day. This guy SUCKS!

3. Phone Guy: OMG, dude…please stop talking so loud. This is a cafe not your corporate cubicle. I’ve told multiple people to be quiet. This gets on my nerves like no-other, especially if he has blue-tooth device. I hate those things.  

4. I forgot my headphones but still want to watch or listen to my laptop guy: Two days ago there was a guy watching ESPN highlights on his comp, no earphones…amazing. I gave him the “you’re so lame” look. 

5. I’m a loser and want to talk guy: Serious…I’m working…Headphones over-the-ears…Busy…Don’t tap my shoulder again. I don’t want to answer your questions or talk right now. 

6. The opinionated guy: Last year I almost got into a fight. Some guy saw my sticker that says “poverty sucks.” So he taped me on the shoulder and said, “poverty is a choice,” Oh snap!!! I went-off on him, eventually he apologized…But I was furious. 

What did I miss? There got to be more.



  1. Sometimes I am frustrated when I need to get work done and missed the “Open Mic Night” Memo. I hate that.

  2. On #5, there is prob another church planter or youth pastor in your coffee shop already. Tell guy #5 that the other guy was asking about him the other day, maybe they should talk.

    I just realized something, most of those guys are also in the office. Seriously, I had more staff members consume my time stopping by the cubicle than I ever had bother me at the coffee shop.

    Peace out bro.

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