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My girls are on spring break. So I’m trying to spend quality time with them before I head to the Middle-East.

Yesterday one of our friends from Necole’s work was on babysitting duty. She asked my girls want they wanted to do and they responded with the children’s museum and cafe downtown (Halcyon)-not what she was expecting.

Today J Cofield took them to the park. Then they went to a nursing home. Bailey was able to play the guitar for the seniors and she loved it. Of course after that they went to the park for a lunch.

Tonight we headed downtown to hang with the S & T Wade. We found a very cool dog-park off of 6th St which was rad. Then we got our grub-on at Galaxy Cafe. Good food and vibe. After we headed to Whole Foods and ate gelato on the roof-which includes a nice playground.

As a father I wish I could slow down time, but I can’t. So I try to do my best to create memorable moments.

Fun times for all.


The girls are digging the iPod.

Bailey is rocking to the Justin Cofield Band.



And Kenzie digging her first love: Ashdown. Now Kenzie thanks Jasen recorded the CD just for her 🙂

We had a great time hanging with the Ashdown’s. They left this morning to head to H-town. This was most likely our last Austin get together for a long time…At least till South by Southwest.

We hit up many spots the past few days. Waterloo Ice House, Hula Hut, Moonshine Grill, Bablou’s, Halcyon Cafe and Kirby Lane. Let’s just say Austin is not lacking great cuisine.

Anyhow…My stomach is a bit larger, my wallet is a bit smaller and our friendships are bit deeper!


So the Marlow’s are getting to do something that we rarely get to do-hang out together for a full day. Since we are on a 7-day work schedule. We never have a full day to hang and do family stuff.

So this morning we had some french toast. The girls are in the shower singing “turn up the faders” as I type. Nathan Asher is a Raleigh musician and my girls love his CD. They got entire songs memorized. Beats Hannah Montana!

Soon we are heading off to catch Shrek the Third. This will be the first movie I’ve seen in a theatre in over a year.

Also, I wanted to say happy 30th to Ken Nussbaum. Hope you have a good day old-man. Ken-How does it feel to be a “thirty-something?” HA HA HA!

Ken-For your birthday present, I’m going to offer my couch as a “FREE” place to stay fro Austin City Limits. You’d better take me up as this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. If Brenda comes then well you can have the floor and Bren can have the couch.

Unfortunately I know from experience 🙂

Ashdown-Sac-town sucks-Don’t do it-Resist the urge. Austin is in your future.

So my girls left Sunday to hang with family in Dallas for Spring Break. The Ashdown’s came Sunday night to hang with the “kid-less” Marlow’s for the week. We’ve had a blast hanging out in Austin. Rarely do Necole and I get a chance to have a “focused” conversation with friends.

Saying all that, I really hate it when my girls are gone for an extended period of time. I feel empty, lost and a bit confused. I do enjoy the break. I just don’t enjoy the 6 day break. I can do a day or so. But 6 days is a long time to be away from my girls. So they will return to their rightful place this Saturday. Can’t wait!


So last night I was in one of those “moods.” I was not sleepy enough to crash…But I did not want to read, watch TV, or play live. (that is rare my friend)

I just thought I was overly-tired. So this morning I woke up not feeling well. Now it’s getting worse. Looks like I may have to chill and nap. I HATE naps. I HATE sleep. If I had my way I would add hours to the day and days to the week and months to the year. Say 30 hour days, 8 day weeks and 14 months a year. But since I’m the “created” and not the “creator” it does not really matter. 🙂

Please say a quick prayer for me. I got a lot I want to get done and the Ashdown’s are rolling in-town on Sunday. Way to much to much to do.

Plus I missed a free cup of coffee. And that is not good. Hopefully can we connect next week.


So we had a blast hanging out with Jasen & Amanda. We took them to some amazing
pizza…Ur, not. Since we felt bad for the country-hick experience…We re-grouped and headed down to Spider House Patio Bar and Café.

Then we headed down to 6th St for the Maria Taylor show. The show was great. It did not start till 12:35AM. So I was doing my best to stay awake. (This past week, sleep has been a minimum + I’m getting OLDER) We finally arrived home at 2:30AM. Of course Bailey and Kenz would be up in 5 hours 🙂

Saturday we made our way to Austin Java for some grub and man it was good. The rest of the day was chill as the Ashdown’s had to head back home in the afternoon.

We had a blast for sure. Although it was WAY to short. But I’m glad we only live a few hours away, so that is cool.

Jasen & Amanda are heading down this afternoon to hang out and chill. Going to be lot’s of fun. Can you say Madden, Gears of War and Fat Tire!

Also they hooked me up with Rob Bell’s new book: Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality And Spirituality. Can’t wait to dig in and learn.

We are heading down to Emo’s for Maria Taylor show. I love downtown Austin, I love being in that environment. So much life and energy.

It’s going to be fun!

Who needs Nooma?

Ashdown and Radkey (who lead the 1105 Experience for 1st Prez Houston) created this sweet video: kingdomcome: An artistic response to the way the world should be….

If you want to use this for your gathering shoot them an email.

BTW: Ashdown wrote and is performing the song.

You can check out his music here.

It’s really good…I for one will be utilizing it real soon 🙂

My buddy Chad has some nice thoughts on Earl Creps new book in his Off Road Disciplines Book Review post.

Ashdown also shared this following nugget from Off Road Disciplines:

“The practice of evangelism involves making room for the Spirit to draw the sought (people) into a saving encounter with the Seeker (God) through Christ. The Church’s job is not to save people but to shape the space in which God calls them to Himself.”