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I jsut uploaded some ACL pics on my flickr page. Click here and enjoy.


Kayla has a great “ACL” rundown. She knows a lot more about music then I do. Kayla is also apart of the Africa team. BTW, I’m still bitter I missed the Arcade Fire show. I’m pretty sure the best two acts played at the same time this year, which is a hardcore bummer.

So it’s over. Austin City Limits is in the books.

Saturday was great. We saw the following bands:

  • Cold War Kids. They were good, but it was just too hot.
  • Stephen Marley: Lot’s of fun. Very Unique.
  • Damien Rice: Very good. I would love to see him in a smaller more intimate venue. Dude is simply amazing.
  • Muse: My favorite show by far.The only problem, Arcade Fire was probably just as good.

Today we headed to ACL a bit later so we would not have to deal with the heat. Which was a good move.

We saw:

  • Amos Lee: So good. This guy got some talent & soul!
  • Wilco: Very mellow, I just did not connect.
  • Decemberist: Amazing. So good. It’s too bad they played the “Dell” stage. They should have been on one of the main stages. I really want to see them again.
  • Bob Dylan: I know Dylan is iconic. But he should not have been the headliner. So many people left early. It was anti-climatic. Very disappointing.

So I did enjoy my ACL experience. Although I’m really glad it’s over. Later today I should have some pics up.

So my first festival” experience went well yesterday. When we first arrived it was a bit hot. Okay, I was like melting and all. But we got some nice cloud cover that made the heat bearable.

Our first show was Peter Bjorn and John-Yawn…They did not do well. Then we hit-up Joss Stone-her voice is amazing. After Joss Stone we caught Queens of the Stone Age. I actually enjoyed them. Lot’s of energy. After that it was time for The Killers. Man I could not believe how many folks attended this gig. We got caught in the middle. Like always folks tried their best to get to the front so it caused some tension. But it was all good. And The Killer were great.

After ACL we headed downtown for the after party. Which was a bit too cluby for me. Our friends know the owner of the club and he wanted to introduce us to one of the bands that played ACL (Young Love) whom where performing at the after party. But I could care less-I was tired, watching folks dance is kinda of funny and the beer on tap was pathetic, plus I felt like a sardine as the club was PACKED.

Today should be great. We are not going till like 3-4PM. Too hot to stay out there all day.  I’m hoping to catch Cold War Kids, Damien Rice and Muse if all goes according to plan. I thought I could catch Arcade Fire but it’s hard to get in-and-out of the crowds for the larger acts.

Austin City Limits starts today. I’m so ready. The weather is pretty good for Austin-93. Which is still hot. The Killers are the main attraction tonight. Ya, that should be fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the following bands, some overlap with staggered time slots, so I won’t catch the entire show. Of course we hare hanging with some friends so I’m not sure who they want to see. Here is my list:

  •  Peter Bjorn & John
  •  Joss Stone
  • Spoon
  • The Killers (I may catch the end of Bjork)
  • Auguststana
  • Cold War Kids
  • Steven Marley
  • Damien Rice (Arctic Monkeys are playing at the same time-lame)
  • Arcade Fire (Half the show)
  • Muse 
  • Bloc Party
  • Amos Lee
  • Wilco
  • Decemberist
  • Bob Dylan

Lot’s of shows, lot’s of fun. We’ve also been invited to some after parties at local bars. But I’m a bit old so not sure if I can make it to those or not. Of course if they give away free beer or something I may be able to sacrifice.  You can watch the show via a live webcast here.

The White Stripes canceled. No biggie to me right? Not a big fan. (just have not really heard them) So, they replace White Stripes with Muse. Which means Muse will be playing the same time as Arcade Fire. That does not make me happy!

But I think I’m going with Muse. Any suggestions.

The past few months have seemed like one big blur. It’s Friday night and it seems hard to imagine the week is gone.

Some thoughts:

  • Necole and I both picked up iPhone’s. Basically we pretty much got them for free. I sold my Blackberry tonight. Craigslist rocks.
  • We had a great time with Steven and Amy. Can’t wait to see them in Cape Town in November.
  • Necole heads off to Dallas tomorrow night.
  • Belle is getting huge. I love that pup.
  • I went to a “teddy bear parade” today for Kenzie.
  • ACL is one week from today.
  • I really need a productive week next week.
  • I love the folks at Vista. Such a great community.
  • We had a blast at “Stories From Africa” last night.

Now it’s time to chill out. Girls are in bed, Necole is with friends and I have HD TV. Woo Hoo!

So the past few years have been brutal at Austin City Limits. Last year it was 108 degrees. The year before was the “dust-bowl.” So everyone has been hoping for a “cool’ ACL this year. Cool for Texas in Sept would be 92-93 ish. But not this year. Today it’s 85. Woo Hoo!

So…Here is the forecast according to Accuweather. Let’s hope they are right.


Ya, I need to get some tickets…Pretty stout line-up.

Confirmed concerts for Austin City Limits Season 33 include:

Norah Jones, Arcade Fire, John Mayer, Femi Kuti, The Decemberists, Wilco, Regina Spektor, Crowded House, Paolo Nutini, a tribute to Blues legend Jimmy Reed with Jimmie Vaughan & Friends, Lucinda Williams, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bloc Party, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Grupo Fantasma, Explosions in the Sky and Ghostland Observatory. Additional guests will be announced soon.

NPT Media Update

2007 Austin City Limits released their schedule for Sept. Oh my it’s going to be so much fun!


Peter Bjorn & John

Pete Yorn

Joss Stone

Queens Of The Stone Age

The Killers

And I may catch the end of Bjork.



Damien Rice

Artic Monkey’s or Muse (not sure who to choose here)

Arcade Fire


Bloc Party

Amos Lee


The Decemberist

Bob Dylan