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Every Friday I link to my favorite blog post of the week. Enjoy!

Why Aren’t Your People Inviting Other People to Attend Your Church? by David Foster.

Boyd Bettis is interviewing some current church planters.

Mark Batterson posts on the four dimensions of courage.

Ministry in 2018: 12 Trends Affecting You Now by Rev Magazine.
Dan Kimball has a great post on the The Importance of Definitions.

What Shane Claiborne Would Say To Church Planters via Dave Ferguson.


Each Friday I hope to post my 5 favorite blog posts of the week. Blogging is a grassroots effort and we all rely on other bloggers to “pass-on-the-love” sorta speak. So below are my 5 favorite posts that I read this week. Enjoy.

I’m really digging Craig Groeschel post on doing ministry in The Second Decade.

Scott Hodge gives us a compelling reason why we should keep things simple in our churches. I can’t agree more.

Church Relevance has a good post on 10 Big Concerns in America for 2008.

Church Planting Novice shares The What and How of Church Planting (from Luke 9).

Ragamuffin get authentic with this post.

My buddy Jonathon has started a new blog Church Planting Novice. Check it out and follow hos church planting journey. He’s a great writer/thinker and I’m looking forward to watching his church make an impact here in Austin.

Carl over a the Revival Blog asked me what ONE book I would recommend to future church planters. Man, that is such a tough question. So many great reads. But if I had to choose one book to give to a church planter-off the top of my head I would recommend Erwin McManus book An Unstoppable Force.

This book is not a specific book on church planting…Instead the book really deals with the idea of movement from a church’s perspective.

From Erwin’s website:

An Unstoppable Force will:

  • Challenge you to see God’s vision for the mission and purpose of the church.
  • Help you to explore specific changes in the culture that call for immediate change in the church.
  • Offer practical ways for your church to find its unique voice and identity to express Christ’s love and faith to your culture.
  • Present interactive questions in each chapter to foster discussion about the life of your church, its focus on Christ, and how it can be a richer influence on your culture.

Below are some folks who are blogging at 2007 National New Church Conference.

Andrew Jones

Charles Whitmire

Jeff Mangum

Ben Arment

Mark Batterson

Tadd Grandstaff

Derek Brown

Travis Johnson

Trinity Jordan

Good list of pastors and they are taking some detailed notes.

My buddy Corey is now blogging. Go check him out. Corey and I did youth ministry together at Hillcrest Church in Dallas, TX.  We did lots of, fasting, praying, teaching, preaching, playing basketball, bond on N64, eating wings and a ton of NBA trash talking amonst other things. Those were the good-ole days. Life seemed a bit free, and relaxed.  Good times for sure.

Jeff Mangum, who is the Lead Pastor of Vista Community Church and a real cool cat has re-entered the blog world. Check him out and say hi!

I have two good friends who are planting a new church community called Visio Dei in Downtown Raleigh.

Jeff & Gore are two of the best folks you’ll ever meet. I miss those guys so much.

You can read their stories on their blog. But let me just quickly tell you what they have decided to do. Both families (Jeff has kids, Gore does not YET, but I think he is working on it 🙂 have moved in together. (They started a 20’s something ministry called Hungry, which eventually became a church plant.) They moved from Cary (burbs) and launched the church in downtown Raleigh.

So a few weeks ago, Jeff called me and wanted to chat about this crazy idea…Both families wanted to move downtown for multiple reasons. The biggest being that they are pastoring a downtown urban church; therefore they wanted to live in the same area.

Well, they made the decision, and they are moving to downtown Raleigh. Both families will live together (only way to afford living in downtown Raleigh on a church planting budget) in one of the toughest neighborhoods. High crime & drugs on one side, generfication taking place on the other side. (Right guys?)

I’m so pround of them. It takes risk, courage and wisdom to move your family out of the safety of the “burbs” and into the chaos “city” living.

So please pray for them, that God will use them and their church to redeem downtown Raleigh.

And for those who are looking for innovative churches…I think you just found one.


Bruce Chant who blogs at hismethod discusses the issue of change: Part 1 & Part II.

Very cool Web 2.0 (ish) Bible Map that utilizes google maps. Effective study tool that may be beneficial.

Bob Hyatt is frustrated over his preaching rut. If you’ve ever had to preach EVERY Sunday, you know the feeling. Thanks for being real Bob. We’ve all been there.

Guy Kawasaki points folks to some great pulpit communicators: Evangelism: Eternal Life, Forgiveness, and Operating Systems.

I love his last paragraph:

“Even if you’re not a Christian, you should watch these sessions out as examples of great speaking and evangelism although this isn’t a fair comparison because eternal life and forgiveness are far better products than most operating systems.”

I was saddened when I read Perry Noble’s: I Am A Little Fired Up!!! post. Perry uses an over-generalization (see below) of the “Emergent Church.” I respect Perry, and I love that he is protecting the vision that God has given him…but I see no honor in putting down the vision of others to protect ones own vision. IMHO, we pastors have to really seek wisdom in the words we choose to use while blogging. The very thing we love, “the church” is often the very thing we tear down by being “bold” and “honest.” Thin fine line for sure. I’ve had plenty of bonehead blog posts…Here is my philosophy: “If I’m not willing to say it on Sunday morning, maybe I should not blog it on Monday morning?

“One of the chief critics of churches like NewSpring is the whole “emergent” church movement. I just love that–here you have 15-20 people…usually guys, who sit in rooms smoking cigars and drinking beer, debating theology while the world around them goes to hell…and somehow they think they’ve “got it!” In my opinion the only thing that needs to “emerge” from the emerging church is their head out of their rear ends so that they can better listen to God and fulfill the Great Commission.” Perry Noble

But I did gleam wisdom from Craig Groeschel’s post: I Don’t Want to Be Popular.

Fact is leaders have to deal with criticism, and how we respond to our critics truly shows our character. Plus, we must realize that there are different ways and methods to reach different people. Why can’t we embrace “diversity in ministry?”

DJ Chuang has some very good thoughts on
pastoring now tougher than ever. I think it’s vital that the “pastor” and the “congregation” understand the various dynamics that come into play with the pastor and the church. Here are my thoughts:

  • The pastor must be willing to delegate and allow others to use their gifts to strengthen the church.
  • The church must recognize that the pastor can’t be “all things to all people.”
  • A church must do a great job of hiring a balanced staff that is knowledgeable in key areas.
  • This is why “giving” is so important in the local church. Many people love to attend church on Sunday, but if they do no support the church financially then it causes the church to face many issues that become impossible to overcome. Another words, if you do not have the resources to hire a proper staff, then that leaves the church in a bad place. Of course the people that show up, demand great preaching, a well-run church, activities that meet their needs etc. At Sacred, some of the most critical people, were also the ones that would not financially support the church, go figure!
  • Finally, I think every church needs to have a clear vision so they can put the right people in the right places.

I recently heard that being  a pastor is one of the three hardest jobs. Do you know what the other two are? 1. The President of the US, 2. University President, 3. Pastoring. Stunning!