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I started my first blog in 2003. Last November I made the switch to wordpress and launched Simply Missional. To my surprise I’ve really seen this blog grow in readership. But more then that, I’ve seen this blog build a virtual and in-person community of friends who are on a journey to serve Jesus and understand the church.

I break all the blogging rules. I’m random, my grammar stinks and I’m not a “mega” anything.  I consider this blog a snippet into my life. A normal dude who pastors a normal church and has somewhat a normal life.

I say all that to say this…Last month I hit the 50,000 page views in the past year. (trust me, this is not a lot) and this week I will hit the 1000 comments milestone. So for all of you who hang out, leave comments and share life here at Simply Missional, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the encouragement, friendships, dreams, dis-agreements and more importantly, thanks for striving to love God and serve this generation.



My good friend John has started a great website called Creativityist. If you are a technophile (or maybe your a wanna-be technophile like me) and love to hear words like Web 2.0, GTD, Moleskin, Kindle, Apple etc…I would encourage you to head over to his website. He already has some interesting posts about creativity, work-flow and productivity. So what are you doing, click the link and enjoy!

We had a great time hanging with the Ashdown’s. They left this morning to head to H-town. This was most likely our last Austin get together for a long time…At least till South by Southwest.

We hit up many spots the past few days. Waterloo Ice House, Hula Hut, Moonshine Grill, Bablou’s, Halcyon Cafe and Kirby Lane. Let’s just say Austin is not lacking great cuisine.

Anyhow…My stomach is a bit larger, my wallet is a bit smaller and our friendships are bit deeper!


So this past week I’ve been considering where to go with my blog. I’ve been a “blog-slacker” of sorts. My post have been alright, just no depth.

Of course whenever I think I’m wasting my time. I will get an email or a comment of encouragement.

This past week I got a couple of those. Some from other pastor friends who told me how much they “needed” to hear a certain post.

I also received an email from some other “young” dudes who are considering church planting. They both told me that reading this blog and encouraged them to plant a church. ( Not sure why ) These cats are strangers and for some reason they found inspiration in my chaos, failures and poor grammar 🙂
Therefore I’m making a greater commitment to take this blog to the next level and consider it apart of my “job description.”

So starting on Monday I will work through a series of post on creativity and how to keep the creative juices flowing.

Currently doing some much needed blog maintenance.

I added a new “header” graphic. (Mad props to Scotty for sending me a hi-res “love wins” graphic.)

I updated my reading list. Truthfully I haven’t been reading a lot for some reason. Need to change that.

I also added “Vista bloggers” to the blogroll.

I always struggle with having too much information. But I think I have a good balance.

For those who read Simply Missional via a feed-reader…I just wanted to let you know I’ve updated my theme thanks to the greatness wordpress. It was time for a change.

I have a few folks that have asked me to help them start a blog. Scary for sure, but here is my advice.

  • For my main page, I try to keep it simple and creative. I do not like to add a lot of extra junk and widgets…It can distract from the purpose of the blog.
  • Also, I try to keep my blogroll simple. I do not add a ton of people. Only friends and blogs that I feel really influence me.
  • I hope this blog is a reflection of who I am. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Interaction on other blogs is key. Leave comments and link to other blogs.
  • I try to post 5 times per week. Rarely do I spend more then 5 minutes on any given post. Of course, my concern is not great writing…That is not my gift. My concern is connecting and seeing this blog be a place to connect with others.
  • Make sure you have RSS and make sure you add your entire post…Not just the subject line. For the most part I do not read other bloggers if the entire post is not included in the feed.
  • Don’t be stat driven.
  • Make sure you use it’s just that good.
  • Get started today…Be disciplined…You will add value.

Any questions please let me know.