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Next Thursday we will be hosting an event called Stories From Africa. Click the link for details.

Steven & Amy will be sharing a bit of their experiences while in Africa the past two years. Looking forward to that.

Also, Kyle Lent will be performing after the conversation. You won’t want to miss him.

Props to Charles and Crestview for hosting the event. They have one of the best “church” coffee shops around.

Can’t wait for this event.


I played tour guide today. Friends from NC our in town. It’s good to see them, chat about old times and renew our friendships.

I took them to Magnolia Cafe for lunch-that place rocks. Then they went shopping in the SoCo district and I did some work at Dominican Joe’s.

After that we headed up north, picked up the girls and hit up Waterloo.

Man I feel fat, full and tired.

Today the family had one last day of vacation. So we headed down to Barton Springs to do some swimming and kayaking. Unfortunately the weather got bad and we had to deal with some lame drizzle therefore they closed the Barton Spring down. So we just hung out at Zilker Park. BTW-Zilker rocks!Afterwords we made out way to SOCO and enjoyed some Freebirds World Burrito. This was our first time and we really enjoyed the grub. Chipolte no-more. After Freebirds we hit up Dominican Joe Coffee Shop I love their tag-line: Drink Coffee. Save The World. Proceeds go to kids in the Dominican Republic, so rad! Now we are home trying to relax and get ready for the half-week ahead. I got a message to write for Sunday and lots to do before the week ends.  

Rob Bell is currently on his Calling All Peacemakers Tour in the UK. If you’re interested you can go to this blog and check out some notes from the tour.

Wow, long day…So tired, yet completely energized. Church this morning was amazing. God is doing something very special right now.

After church we celebrated our girls b-day. Lots of fun…

After the b-day we headed to the in-laws for BBQ and then to Mozart’s for coffee & dessert. Yummy!

Now its time to crash!

We had a great time hanging with the Ashdown’s. They left this morning to head to H-town. This was most likely our last Austin get together for a long time…At least till South by Southwest.

We hit up many spots the past few days. Waterloo Ice House, Hula Hut, Moonshine Grill, Bablou’s, Halcyon Cafe and Kirby Lane. Let’s just say Austin is not lacking great cuisine.

Anyhow…My stomach is a bit larger, my wallet is a bit smaller and our friendships are bit deeper!


We had a ton of meetings today at the office. I love meetings, but man they can take a ton of energy. However we got a lot of good stuff happening and I’m looking forward to seeing how we can flesh out the vision God has given us.

In the meantime I’m hanging at a local coffeeshop enjoying a fresh cup of Kenya. Ah so good. Just what I needed.

Anyhow, on the drive from the office to the coffeeshop I was wondering how to take this vision and bring it to life. So many times we get dreams from God but those dream never become reality-instead the stay in our head and we grow frustrated. There is a big difference between a dream and vision. Vision needs legs and feet.

Pardon the interruption:

—-Crap, 5 teenage girls just sat next me to. The perfume is simply to much to handle, the conversation is fast and wild. *sigh* ——

So, here is my plan to bring this vision to life.

1. Prayer: It has to be God. Period!

2. Strategy: Who, how and when.

3. Processes: What do they teams need. Who is doing what and how much does will it cost?

4. Communication: Is the vision clear. Does everyone understand?

5. Wins: I’m going to identify the wins and celebrate.

6. Time Management: How long will each task take to fulfill?

Any other valuable information I can add. Let me know.

Church was awesome this morning. The Justin Cofield Band was home for the weekend from their summer tour. They rocked the house-It’s even better when Hillarie gigs with them. We ran out of space today, so it look like it’s time to buy some more chairs.

Jeff spoke on wisdom; right after church he had to jet to the airport. He is speaking at a camp all week.

After church we connected with the family and headed out to Lake Travis. Hung out there for a bit and then headed to Town Lake to kayak again. I did not fall in this time. But we did take the girls with us and they had a blast.

Of course we had to finish off the night at Mozart’s. So amazing!

I just enjoyed an amazing cup of French press Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee via Scooters. Ya, it was soooo good!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to simplify my life. Sometimes I’m not sure what that really means. However, I think the Internet can really stand in the way of productivity and creativity. S0 I finally bought a Moleskine Notebook.

I decided to do a test run to see if I liked it or not. I created the next message series at Vista in the moleskin as opposed to my comp. Let me say this-I love it. Yes, I’m hooked.

So yesterday I went to the cafe without my computer. Just a book and my moleskin. It rocked. It felt good to be disconnected. No “breaking” news stories, no emails, no IM’s. I was able to read, write and think without any interruptions.

Of course the one thing lacking is a good quality spell check. Crap!