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For those who missed it. (me) Here is Don Miller prayer from the DNC last night. 

YouTube – Donald Miller Prays at the DNC.


Well they may not be new bloggers, but they are new to me. These are some blogs I’ve been enjoying lately and I think you will too.

Aaron Ivey: You may know Aaron from the band Spur 58. I saw Spur play in Houston with Ashdown and I loved their show. Not sure how I found Aaron blog but it’s a good one. Check it out.

Jonathan Dodson: Jonathan is a legit theologian who is planting a church here in Austin. Great dude who thinks missional and hangs out at the cool kids coffee shops on a daily basis which causes bitterness in my soul…But I love this dude and I know God is going to use him in big ways. Plus when I have questions on theology I have someone to call 🙂

Missional Heart: Erick Bauman in involved with the Origins Community in NYC. Again this dude has a great heart and it shows through his blog. Love following his journey in NYC. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do through Erick. I think he may be starting a new church in NYC? 

Creativityist is a blog by John Chandler. It’s all about productivity. Good read that can be very practical for all things ministry and life. John will be moving to Austin to plant a church this summer. That being said it was a bit painful to add him to this list. Why? Because he is a DENVER BRONCOS fan. Go Raiders. 

Spence Smith is a Nashville blogger who works with Compassion. I love Spence’s authenticity and heart for kids in poverty. Also this blog has a lot of balance. Personal, ministry, tech, travel and culture. Check it out.

Texas in Africa is a local Austin blogger who works in Education as a Prof. I love her humor, very witty writer who crosses many boundaries including travel, politics, church, local Austin vibe and of course Africa. She even gave me some helpful advice before I took my first trip to Africa last year. 

Eric is an executive pastor in SoCal. Plus I had to get West Coast representatives on this here blog. Love Eric’s blog. He has a different perspective then most blogs. Very beneficial to the missional conversation as a pastor who serves God in the so-called second-seat. Which is a vital position in the church world. 

Pete Wilson is another Nashville blogger. Pete is the Lead Pastor of a local church in Nashville that is running close to 2000 folks. (according to his bio) That being said…You would not know that Pete is a mega-church pastor from reading his blog. I love that. He does not seem to be some “guru” of all things church. Plus his blog spans many boundaries and Pete seems to have built a nice community on his blog. I know Pete is humble because he posted a video of his wife kicking his butt in a “hold your breath” contest.

Stuck in Customs is a photography blog based here in Austin. Some amazing pics. Dude travels the world and I think he runs a video game company here in Austin. Great blog with some amazing pictures. 

Lot’s of bloggers from the Southeast. What’s up with that? Anyhow…These blogs will encourage you and help you gather some wisdom on this journey called life. 

Now I need you to help us out…What blogs have you been reading lately?  


I watched the recap last night. That even got me more excited for tonight. So many questions and mysteries.


Next Thursday we will be hosting an event called Stories From Africa. Click the link for details.

Steven & Amy will be sharing a bit of their experiences while in Africa the past two years. Looking forward to that.

Also, Kyle Lent will be performing after the conversation. You won’t want to miss him.

Props to Charles and Crestview for hosting the event. They have one of the best “church” coffee shops around.

Can’t wait for this event.

Last night we dropped off the girls at the in-laws and headed downtown to get some grub at Shady Grove. We had an unusually cool night. Which is rare in these parts this time of the year. So hanging outside was great. After Shady we headed to Spider House Patio Bar and Cafe. They had two DJ’s and the atmosphere was simply awesome. Lot’s of conversation, music, drinks and food.

I’ve got to hit the gym hard next month. My “healthy” eating has been flushed down the toilet the past few weeks. So many great places to grub-it’s ridiculous.

BTW-Football starts soon. WOO HOO!

I played tour guide today. Friends from NC our in town. It’s good to see them, chat about old times and renew our friendships.

I took them to Magnolia Cafe for lunch-that place rocks. Then they went shopping in the SoCo district and I did some work at Dominican Joe’s.

After that we headed up north, picked up the girls and hit up Waterloo.

Man I feel fat, full and tired.

I came across a very cool online journal: The Other Journal. Lot’s of article by the likes of Miroslav Volf and Shane Claiborne.

HT: Creation Project

Some really good info on various cities in the world: 2007 Fast Cities – Global – Innovation.

It’s good to see Raleigh & Austin on the list. Raleigh for Research & Development and Austin for business start-up’s.

Also, Austin just got recognized for being the “best business city” in America. Of course these lists change all the time. But it’s a g0od indicator that Austin is emerging from a small Texas college city to a global innovator.

When I lived in Seattle in 1999, I was able to see that city go through some unique transformation. Now it’s arrived as a legit global city. When I moved there for 6 weeks last summer-I also saw the downside of city transformation. High cost of living, congestion problems, true Seattleites who had to move out of the city to the local suburbs because of cost issues etc. It’s always sad when your normal middle-class folks can’t afford to live in the city that they created.

Austin seems to be tracking with Seattle. Housing is cheaper in the “burbs” but it going to cost you at least $350-$450 to buy a house downtown or in the uptown area. The big issue I have is this-we do not have the Puget Sound. C’mon, at least in Seattle you had spectaculars views, deep blue water, ferries, and snow-capped mountains.

I had lunch with a missioanry from Yemen today. He told some pretty surreal stories. Sometimes in America it’s hard to read the Bible-you wonder if those crazy stories in the book of Acts are still happening. Then you meet people who live in places like the Middle East and your reminded of how different the gospel is here in American as opposed to other regions.Smuggling Bibles, underground contacts, villages  getting one Bible and memorizing the entire book etc.Ah…The Book of Acts is still happening. 

It’s still hard to believe that the world is spending hours debating the Paris Hilton fiasco. Yet I’ve not heard one mention of this: G8 leaders reach $60bn Aids deal.

I hate to sound so pity, but it’s just a sad reminder of the priorities of the media. Of course the media is giving the “viewer” what they want to see and hear.