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Category Archives: Friends On The Journey

John Chandler is a good friend from Seattle. You may already know John, he is the man behind PlanterPlanet & Creativityist . John currently attends Mars Hill Grad School and pastors at Pathways Church in which he helped pioneer along with good friend Dean.

John is in the process of moving to Austin to start a new faith community this summer. You can follow his church planting journey here.

If you’re a pastor/minister here in Austin please do me a favor and head over to John’s blog (pick one sucker) and say hello.

Also, pray for John and his family as they transition, raise funds and most of all deal with the reality that they can no longer go to Zoka to drink coffee. Of course they could always bring some Zoka to Austin this summer to give to their good friends who already reside here. Just saying.

I told my daughter about the Chandler’s movin to Austin last night at dinner. Her response…”Dad, I’m no longer going to Vista, I’m going to Macy’s dad’s new church.” 🙂


baylor-dedicationsmall.jpgI guess Mangum represents most Baylor fans. Can’t even watch them on TV.

I jsut uploaded some ACL pics on my flickr page. Click here and enjoy.

My buddy Jonathon has started a new blog Church Planting Novice. Check it out and follow hos church planting journey. He’s a great writer/thinker and I’m looking forward to watching his church make an impact here in Austin.

My friends Steven & Amy will be hanging with us in Austin next week. They are missionaries (he may kill me for using that title) in Africa and they work with Servlife.

They are doing some great stuff in Sub-Sahara Africa. Anyhow, I’m trying to set up some meetings-it will be a great time to hear what God is doing in Africa and maybe find some practical ways that you and your church/ministry can help.

So if you have time to hang and grab some coffee/lunch-please let me know.

Last night we dropped off the girls at the in-laws and headed downtown to get some grub at Shady Grove. We had an unusually cool night. Which is rare in these parts this time of the year. So hanging outside was great. After Shady we headed to Spider House Patio Bar and Cafe. They had two DJ’s and the atmosphere was simply awesome. Lot’s of conversation, music, drinks and food.

I’ve got to hit the gym hard next month. My “healthy” eating has been flushed down the toilet the past few weeks. So many great places to grub-it’s ridiculous.

BTW-Football starts soon. WOO HOO!

I played tour guide today. Friends from NC our in town. It’s good to see them, chat about old times and renew our friendships.

I took them to Magnolia Cafe for lunch-that place rocks. Then they went shopping in the SoCo district and I did some work at Dominican Joe’s.

After that we headed up north, picked up the girls and hit up Waterloo.

Man I feel fat, full and tired.

So last night we watched Josh Blue perform at a local comedy club. Man this cat is so funny. We laughed so hard. It was a fun night where everything worked out well. Good seats, lots of laughs and lots of community.Of course all things must come to an end right? The Ashdown’s are leaving Tuesday for Cali. It always strange to think of J & Amanda living in Sac-town. I know God has lots in-store for them. I think its time to hit up San Francisco with the Ashdown’s and Nussbaums and of course Tre. I miss all those guys. Tomorrow I’m speaking at church. For whatever reason my message has been quite tough to grasp. Kinda of strange. Thank God I can rely on Him and not me.



My friend Steven is leading up a project in Kenya. Basically he is requesting some help. Quick info below…For in-depth details please go to his blog.

Here’s what Mary’s parents need to rebuild their lives in Kenya:

* 2 young cows – $714 total ($357 each)
* 200 chicks – $285 total ($1.83 each)
* Feed for animals – $174 total for 6 months ($29 per month)
* Financial support before animals produce income – $426 total for 6 months ($71 per month)