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So, this has been one of the best weeks of ministry that I’ve had in a long time. Why you ask? Because I’ve spent time with people and not locked in some office dreaming about ministry or doing some lame to-do list. I suck at that stuff!

I love vision-casting, dreaming, planning, sharing and pouring into people. It’s just so freaking vital that we pastor types spend time pouring into people and helping them on life’s journey.

Sample of my week: I preached Sunday, hung with our Africa missions team last night, met with Com Group leaders today, studied theology with Jeff and Bedwell yesterday morning at Starbucks, meeting with some folks tonight to train them to take over our greeters ministry on Sunday and now I’m getting ready for an outreach that we are doing next Tuesday in E. Austin and I also get to prepare a message to speak next Sunday. I

love it. Rock on!


Saturday, while working-out I listened to Craig Groeschel message he gave at the Buzz Conference. I’m now a huge fan of that dude….So real.

He asked the pastors in the audience “when was the last time they had an unsaved person at their house?” BTW, the plumber does not count-sorry!

I think we pastors have no clue the impact that we can make. But maybe we are just too busy “doing” church work that we are not “missional.” We tell our people to “love the lost” and “be missional.” Maybe we think we are automatically missional when we do church stuff…? But I think not. We are missional when we move into our city and neighborhoods and “live out the mission” that we want our people to live out.

I think the church staff should be inviting and bringing more people to church then anyone else. And if we can’t do that we should not expect our people to do it!

I’m currently reading Billy Hybels book Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision.

It’s a good read. Very convicting. A few years ago I found my Holy Discontent…Which is this:

To help my generation re-discover the real Jesus.

That is my mission and passion in life. What’s yours?

I just took the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 test. I’ve heard good things about this test and I can tell you it pretty much pegged me. I would love to discuss this with some of my friends to see if they agree.

Anyhow, my top 5 are:


I honestly believe that most of us have radical dreams that we want to pursue. But few of us ever pursue those dreams because we live in fear.

What dream has God given you? Are you pursuing that dream? If not why?

Let me encourage you to pursue the dream that God has placed in your heart. Stop what you are doing and come up with an action plan. Do something to get started and when you start do yourself a favor: never look back.

Yesterday while working-out at the gym and I listened to Bill Hybels plenary session at 2007 National New Church Conference .

Bill discussed what it meant to have a holy discontent. Basically when God gives you a vision, your life is ruined till that vision comes to pass . It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a message that convicting and clear.

I have a vision and I know I will not rest till I see that vision fulfilled.

Do you have a vision? If so what is it? And how do you plan on seeing it come to pass?

I’ve read hundreds of books on leadership, time management, marketing, productivity etc. Five have really stuck with me. I keep going back to the principles that I learned in these books. A few example below:

“Are the right people on the bus.”

“Begin with the end in mind.”

“Tipping Point.”

“Do I inspire a shared vision?

My top five leadership books are:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: This book truly shaped culture in the mid 90’s.

Good To Great: Thoroughly researched. I think this is a “must-read” book. You can trust the data.

E-Myth: I’ve started businesses and this book was vital. I need to re-read it. This book deals with the reality of business and how hard it is to make it and keep it going.

Leadership Challenge: Very thorough book. Yet it’s 5 main points are memorable and simple.

Tipping Point: A quick read that really helps understand the mind of a consumer and how an idea can become viral.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are a lot of other good books. Some I still need to read (Marcus Buckingham) but these five have really influenced me and helped me understand what it means to lead an organization.

I keep hearing all these bloggers talk highly in regards to Jerry Falwell. Being one who did not grow up in church and also one who tends to be a moderate. (I guess) I always had a hard time with Jerry Falwell.

I usually only saw him defending the Christian right or something along those lines on some news program.

At church on Sunday Jeff said something so good.

He said, “We need to find the redemptive value in people.”

How true is that? I love it. I can enjoy folks who are liberal and conservative, urban and suburban, emerging and reformed. *gasp*

I’ve heard a lot of good things about JF today. I was a bit convicted by my past thoughts and assumptions.

I need to be more humble and open!

This morning I was spending time in prayer and I was gently reminded of an issue that I’m guilty of:

Sometimes I want to change the world more then I want to know Jesus.

I think I need some time to dwell on this thought.

I really enjoyed my meeting with Michael. We ate lunch at Kerbey Lane Cafe, which is a local Austin favorite.

Michael is the Community Pastor for The Austin Stone Community Church. We had a great time discussing all things community and mission. Rich conversation that led me to think and re-think how and why we do Community Groups.

Of course he also hooked me up with a book that he promised  would “wreck” my world. Fun, just what I need. I loved Michael’s heart and passion for community, mission and all things gospel. It’s good to connect with like-minded folks and dream.