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A follow-up from my previous post.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has released the podcast in which Driscoll claims Rob Bell to be heretical. I’ve also heard that Driscoll was actually humble as he describes his frustration. That kind of shocks me.

Once again, I will say this. I have no issues with Driscoll disagreeing with these men and their theology. But to claim one is a heretic scares me. How do you define a heretic?

Also, what is a proper process to rebuke one who has fallen into heresy? Many say Matt 18 does not apply. Because that is dealing with personal sin. To me I would assume that teaching false doctrine is a personal sin. No?

I’m not trying to choose sides…I want to learn and grow from this issue and see God ‘s hand bring redemption. I just hope this does not start some cool wanna-be like-Driscoll and start calling people out all the time becuase we have disagreements over theology. This can get scary if one does not walk in humility and fear of the Lord.

Christianity Today has just posted an online article featuring Mark Driscoll.

Speaking of Driscoll…The blog world is already ablaze, apparently Driscoll has gone public at Convergent Conference with his belief that Brian Mclaren and Doug Pagitt are heretics, which is old news. But apparently he has now added Rob Bell to that list. Not sure where to go with that. My initial thought is this: I hope Driscoll has discussed his issues with Bell before he went public. That would be pretty immature to slam a guy in public without first speaking to him in private. Of course I was not there, so I’m not exactly sure what Driscoll said.

I’m sure we shall hear more soon.

Mark Driscoll has a great post (1 of 11) about ministry and burnout. You can read the blog and or watch the video.

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