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UPDATE: To good to be true.

Wow, how lame is that!



Tonight a bunch of us are heading down to Red Eyed Fly to catch Homer Hiccolm & the Rocketboys. Rumor has it that some folks may get some grub at Freebird’s around 8 ish. I’m assuming this is the Freebirds on SoCo? at 35 & Parmer. Feel free to join us.

Um, can you say “come October please come quickly!” U2 new album information from @U2LATEST NEWSJanuary 29, 2008: Speaking at the Midem music industry conference, Paul McGuinness said U2’s new album will be out in October (2008) and will be a “collaboration with the producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.”

U2 3D concert was incredible. It was as if you were in the audience. The sound, lighting and camera work were great, and a bit raw.

The only drawback was the fact that they did not place “I still haven’t found what I’ve looking for.” How could they not include this song? So depressing. But other then that the show rocked, I did not have to wait in line or stand for hours so that is pretty cool.

My friends Ryan & Holly will be playing tonight at Oak Grove Abbey. Necole and I will heading down tonight. Feel free to join us.

Ryan & Holly’s music is raw, spiritual and thought-provoking. Not sure if Holly will have her art, but if so bring some cash because you will want to purchase some pieces. I wonder if they have a lay-away plan 🙂

Come hang tonight. It’s going to be great. Also, donations at the door.


Next Thursday we will be hosting an event called Stories From Africa. Click the link for details.

Steven & Amy will be sharing a bit of their experiences while in Africa the past two years. Looking forward to that.

Also, Kyle Lent will be performing after the conversation. You won’t want to miss him.

Props to Charles and Crestview for hosting the event. They have one of the best “church” coffee shops around.

Can’t wait for this event.

So last nights show was great. Jimmy Eat World rocked the house..They were awesome. Maria did not have a full band and she seemed a bit off. But still good. That girl can sing.
I had no clue that the show was outside…Man it was hot. The venue was packed and we could hardly see. Until the girl in front of us passed out. Sad for her but good for us. Then the dude who helped the girl tried to get his place back in the front. However…another chick got mad (even though she knew the issue) so she got in dude’s face…Then her boyfriend got upset and a fight broke out. Of course I was in the middle so I grabbed mean boyfriend by the arm, twisted his hand and helped him chill out. He was a big dude and I have not been in a fight in like 10-12 years…If dude would have tried to hit me I was going to crush him with a quick forearm to the nose. Which is painful but would not cause any huge long term damage. But peace prevailed and the show rolled-on.

We had an awesome time…Lot’s of fun and hey….I think I lost a few pounds, which is a good thing.

Again, props to John & Zach for the free tickets.

Necole and I are heading down to Emo’s to catch the Jimmy Eat World show. Of course Maria Taylor is opening and that simply rocks.Mad props to Chandler for hooking us up and Zach for the free tickets. Tonight is going to rock!

So we have this thing going on at Vista on Sundays…It’s about music, and who has the best taste. Each week we ask one person to bring a playlist with 10 songs… This Sunday it was my turn and here is the set I came with.

  • Burning In The Sun: Blue Merle
  • Storms: Nathan Asher
  • The Crane Wife 3: The Decemberists
  • Grace Like A River: Delirious
  • Faith In You: PM Dawn
  • Beautiful Day: U2
  • Southside: Moby
  • With My Two Hands: Ben Harper
  • Butterflies & Hurricanes: Muse
  • Wake Me Up When Sept Ends: Greenday

Who’s next? Oh BTW, they asked me if they could use my playlist again.    

Ya, I need to get some tickets…Pretty stout line-up.

Confirmed concerts for Austin City Limits Season 33 include:

Norah Jones, Arcade Fire, John Mayer, Femi Kuti, The Decemberists, Wilco, Regina Spektor, Crowded House, Paolo Nutini, a tribute to Blues legend Jimmy Reed with Jimmie Vaughan & Friends, Lucinda Williams, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bloc Party, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Grupo Fantasma, Explosions in the Sky and Ghostland Observatory. Additional guests will be announced soon.

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