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Category Archives: Random Thoughts

Buying a house is all-consuming. I hate it. But it’s worth it. I hope to make an offer on a house today or tomorrow. There are so many options right now, which is good but still a complicated the process.

Can’t stand Hillary Clinton. Just can’t stand her. I would vote for my dog before I voted for Hillary.

Gas prices are crazy. I’m going to have think-through my driving habits. Stay local more (too bad the coffeeshops suck where I live) and be a good steward of my resoruces.

I need a vacation. I’m getting ready to plan one. Just a few days to chill, think and pray with the wife.

Lakers tonight. This is soooo stressful. Playoffs take way to long.

Mavs, Wiz and Suns choked. I think it time for the Mavs to re-think the entire team. Kidd has brough nothing to the table in terms if leadership and tenacity.

I wonder if the Suns would rather have Marion or Shaq right now? Tough call.

  • Can’t wait to pick up Apple’s new OS later today.
  • Great game last night. Glad we won. Hopefully we can close it out in Colorado. Schilling’s a stud.
  • Preparing a sermon today. I hate when I wait till the last second. This week has been nuts-in a good way.
  • Brian Mclaren will be in Austin next month. Click here for the details. I will be in Africa so I can’t make it. HT: Ashdown
  • After school I’m taking the girls to the local pumpkin patch. Oh ya, it’s that time of the year.
  • The new 24 looks lame. Tony the terrorist?!?!?!?
  • I’m 7-0 in fantasy football. Can I run the table and go undefeated? BTW- Jeff Mangum is 1-6
  • The Lakers are looking somewhat brutal at this point. May be a long year.
  • When It’s 88 in Buffalo in Oct..You know something is wrong.
  • The Cowboy game last night was amazing. Too bad I missed it.
  • I’m 5-0 in Fantasy Football.
  • Red Sox are moving forward and the Yankee’s are going home. SWEET. Sorry K Buck!
  • Heroes is way boring this year.
  • Last Week was way to stressful. Looking forward to this week.
  • The Longhorns played decent, but sill lost to the Sooner’s. How can Texas not be a top 5 team every year?
  • Notre Dame Won-Blah Blah Blah
  • This time next month I will be in Africa-crazy!

Another week is over. Here are some thoughts:

  • If you talk about Driscoll & Bell you get lots of blog traffic.
  • I barley won in FF. I was up 5 points, but my opponent had Portis. (last player still playing on both teams) I was watching the game and also tracking live stats. Redskins had 4 shots at a TD on the 2 yard-line at the end of the game. Had Portis scored I would have lost. But he didn’t and I won!
  • Church is interesting. Just when you think you find a rhythm and have it all figured out, something else happens and everything changes. Of course this always reminds me that Jesus is the Senior Pastor of our church and we do our best to follow him.
  • HDTV is amazing.
  • Halo 3 comes out tomorrow night. Should I go at 12AM?
  • For some reason I have no interest to read any books. Usually I read at least 1 book per week. But I have no motivation. Very strange.
  • I love Heroes. Watching season one the past few weeks. Love this show.
  • The Raiders won.
  • The Red Sox lost.
  • Ashown can’t beat me in Madden.
  • Africa is soon.
  • Bailey is now writing her own songs.
  • And it’s freaking hot in Austin. I can’t wait for fall weather.
  • Church yesterday was good. We’ve had a great summer and I can’t wait for Sept.
  • Last night we headed to Wade’s to celebrate his b-day. We rocked to guitar hero on the xbox. Crazy fun-now Necole wants an xbox, to bad I sold it.
  • Necole’ family came down from Dallas. I love it when the girls to get to hang with their family. One of my main priorities as a Father is to create lasting memories for my daughters. I want them to see their childhood as an adventure and allow them to live life to the full.
  • Today we are hanging with our staff/lead team for lunch and a movie (Transformers) I love being with Jeff, Ryan, Cofield, Bedwell and Wade.
  • Can’t wait till Wed. Amanda Blackwell flies in and she is going to hang out for a few days.
  • This week has to be productive. Got lot’s to do before fall.
  • Can’t wait for Africa.
  • Can’t wait for Austin City Limits.
  • Can’t wait for Steven to arrive in Austin. That is going to be fun. Hearing stories of God’s love and redemption in Africa-so cool!
  • I lost my cell phone. Going to get a new one today. No it’s not an iPhone. DARN IT!
  • Bailey is taking guitar lessons soon-She wants a pink guitar 🙂

Man, I’m getting sick. So frustrated. We have a missions event tonight in E. Austin and I need to be there…Actually, I want to be there. Please pray for me-this is the “not good” type of sickness.


My friend Scotty sent me this worldclock website today.

Some sobering numbers to say the least.

So last night we watched Josh Blue perform at a local comedy club. Man this cat is so funny. We laughed so hard. It was a fun night where everything worked out well. Good seats, lots of laughs and lots of community.Of course all things must come to an end right? The Ashdown’s are leaving Tuesday for Cali. It always strange to think of J & Amanda living in Sac-town. I know God has lots in-store for them. I think its time to hit up San Francisco with the Ashdown’s and Nussbaums and of course Tre. I miss all those guys. Tomorrow I’m speaking at church. For whatever reason my message has been quite tough to grasp. Kinda of strange. Thank God I can rely on Him and not me.

Sometimes the best thing about leaving is coming home…I enjoyed my time in Corpus Christi…But I think we need real vacation-with no kids. Say maybe Hawaii, Colorado, Bahamas etc.

200px-portuguese_man-o-war_physalia_physalis.jpg So I’ve heard rumors about these bad boys: Portuguese Man o’ War. Therefore I decided to do some research and this is what I found:

The sting from the tentacles is potentially dangerous to humans; these stings have been responsible for several deaths, but usually only cause *excruciating* pain. Detached tentacles and specimens washed up on shore can sting just as painfully as the full creature in the water, for weeks after detachment. The venom can travel up to the lymph nodes and may cause, depending on the amount of venom, more intense pain. In extreme cases medical attention is necessary.

For real-I’m scared to death…I would love to stay home, if I only I could get my money back from the hotel and somehow convince my girls that the beach we are going to is not the kind of beach we are used to.