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It seems a bit strange that Necole and I are home each night this week. (Except for Com Group) Truth be told I love it. I need to chill for a bit, relax and focus. We got a busy fall season coming up so I’m stoked to get a healthy rhythm back.The past few weeks have been nuts with so many activities. Lot’s of fun but it’s just hard to stay focused and exhausting.

I’ve really been lacking in the discipline department. Eating a bit worse, not hitting the gym, devotion time is lacking etc. I to re-focus this week so I can recapture my balance.

I noticed a bad habit. I no longer read blogs that have a lot of content. I always mark them to read later. So this morning I was wondering why this problem exist? The answer is simple-I’m busy. Life goes fast, work and kids have taken a ton of time and mental energy the past few weeks.

However-I do see a problem. As a leader, I have to always be learning. I keep trying to re-program my mind to slow down. My job as an Elder/Pastor is not to check off a ton of to-do list items. But I love to do that, it makes me feel better, more productive and useful.

But it’s not…I think we pastors forget that our main priority is to be men/women of God. My true job is to hear the voice of God and to make sure we (my local church community) stays on-mission.

We had another great Sunday. We started a new series: The Art of Rest. Jeff nailed the message-it was really good. Life goes by so darn quickly. How do we rest and enjoy life? How do we create “sustainable” living rhythms? How do we live in freedom and grace? Those are the topics we are trying to hammer out and struggle through. Good stuff!

Summer has finally hit us here in Austin. Can’t wait for fall 🙂


In a few weeks I will be speaking on the topic of rhythm at Vista. We are doing a series called “The Art of Rest.”

These past few months Necole and I continue to re-evaluate our rhythm and choice in life. My biggest concern is speaking on the issue of busyness and yet no have some simple solutions to help people improve and align their life with Christ.

So I was thinking of simple ways to have better rhythm and a more holistic life. I think we need to do less, give more, and enjoy the present.

So over the next few days I’m going to do a few blog post on these issues…I would love some feedback.

Today is Monday (duh!). Monday are always unique for ministers. Sunday are the so called “biggest” day of the week. Yesterday went OK at church. We had some sound issues and my message was very average. But it was still a good day and thank God for Hillarie & The Band who did such a sweet job dealing with sound issues and still keeping a spirit of worship flowing.

As service was over we noticed that someone left a cat in her/his crate. Pretty funny if you ask me. Maybe we should change out tagline to Love God…Love People…Love Animals 🙂

Anyhow, I’ve dedicated today to study and minister to myself. So I hit the gym this morning and after lunch I’m going to: 1. Read The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath.

2. Listen to a message online.

3. Plan out my week.

4. Read B.I.B.L.E.

And drink a ton of coffee 🙂

images.jpegLooking forward to resting tomorrow. Spending quality time with family and friends and just “being” for a change. Sometimes I think we feel like if we take a day off then we will get behind. But, that is not true. Sometimes we need to re-charge.

So for the next 36 hours I will refuse to discuss ministry. Instead I will embrace freedom, food, laughter, smiles, coffee, conversations, and friends.

Tomorrow is a true Sabbath!

Long day…But very productive. Ministry is a challenge. Sometimes its hard to look into the future and stay focused on the present. So many balls to juggle and visions to capture.

Rhythm is a constant battle, it seems impossible at times. But you have to struggle to maintain focus and sustained effort.

If you can’t “go with the flow” then ministry is not a good occupation for you.

Life happens!

I know I’ve posted a lot lately about focus and productivity. Its a huge priority for me. We have some pretty big plans coming up for Vista. Plans that I think will take us to the next level. But it’s going to take an insane focus.

So I changed my routine today. I hit the gym at 6:30am. Usually I go to the gym after work. But some issues kept creeping in.

1) Stuff happens right? So many obstacles that would get in the way. Dinners, being tired, kids not feeling well etc.

2) Mental focus: I would constantly spend mental energy thinking about “going” to the gym. I prescribe to the “Getting Things Done” method. The big key of course is to take a to-do and do something with it so you don’t spend time thinking about it.

So, I showed up at the office at 8:45 and I already worked out…Now I can put all my focus on having a productive work day. I’m hoping this will work long-term.

Mark Driscoll has a great post (1 of 11) about ministry and burnout. You can read the blog and or watch the video.

Death by Ministry (Part 1)

That’s right, My inbox is empty-feels so good. Hopefully I can keep it this way.