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A follow-up from my previous post.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has released the podcast in which Driscoll claims Rob Bell to be heretical. I’ve also heard that Driscoll was actually humble as he describes his frustration. That kind of shocks me.

Once again, I will say this. I have no issues with Driscoll disagreeing with these men and their theology. But to claim one is a heretic scares me. How do you define a heretic?

Also, what is a proper process to rebuke one who has fallen into heresy? Many say Matt 18 does not apply. Because that is dealing with personal sin. To me I would assume that teaching false doctrine is a personal sin. No?

I’m not trying to choose sides…I want to learn and grow from this issue and see God ‘s hand bring redemption. I just hope this does not start some cool wanna-be like-Driscoll and start calling people out all the time becuase we have disagreements over theology. This can get scary if one does not walk in humility and fear of the Lord.


Christianity Today has just posted an online article featuring Mark Driscoll.

Speaking of Driscoll…The blog world is already ablaze, apparently Driscoll has gone public at Convergent Conference with his belief that Brian Mclaren and Doug Pagitt are heretics, which is old news. But apparently he has now added Rob Bell to that list. Not sure where to go with that. My initial thought is this: I hope Driscoll has discussed his issues with Bell before he went public. That would be pretty immature to slam a guy in public without first speaking to him in private. Of course I was not there, so I’m not exactly sure what Driscoll said.

I’m sure we shall hear more soon.

Rob Bell is currently on his Calling All Peacemakers Tour in the UK. If you’re interested you can go to this blog and check out some notes from the tour.

The Ooze interviewed Rob Bell. Below is a snippet:

As a pastor what would you say to someone who has become disillusioned with organized church or what they have seen of Christianity?

I would wager that the things that most turn them off are the things that most turn Jesus off. There is not one instance in Jesus’ teachings where he gets angry with somebody who isn’t a follower of his or someone who doesn’t love God. His anger is always for religious people who claim to speak for God but live in another way. So if you find hypocrisy absolutely revolting so did Jesus. If you find people who think they are the moral police of culture repulsive, so did Jesus. If you find people who are ready to throw stones at the next sinner very hard to take, so did Jesus. And if you think that people who use Jesus to accumulate political power, to coerce people to live according to their laws, well Jesus had a problem with such things as well. I would say that your anger is shared by Jesus. He’s angered by all the same things.

Click here for the rest of the interview.

HT: Mike Devries

Rob Bell is back on tour. I missed the last tour, so I’m not missing this one. And I suggest you don’t miss it either!


I finally finished Sex God. Good read. Rob tends to ask a lot of questions without going into detailed answers.

This book is spiritual and at the same time very practical. I think it will help the church not hide behind the fear of sex.

I wish Bell would have spent more time discussing his beliefs in regards to “women in ministry.” He touches on it, gives some hints and Scripture. But he does not deal with it from a deep theological perspective.

I think a lot of folks may misunderstand Rob. He is not really a theologian, but he is also not your typical “pastoral” writer. He just can’t be labeled. And you get the feeling that is how he wants it.

Below are some quotes that I enjoyed:

“Heaven is the realm where things are as God intends them to be. The place where things are under the rule and reign of God. And that place can be anywhere, anytime,with anybody.”

“How you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the creator.”

“To be a Christian is to work for the new humanity.” “A church exist to be displayed of the new humanity.”

I posted this Rob Bell Interview at the end of Nov. Since then I’ve gotten over 600 hits to my blog because of this post. Needless to say, Rob is very popular dude 🙂

I’m not much of a list guy, but my passion for church planting is intense so I tend to keep up with trends. What I love about the church is how many unique ways in which church can work as a redemptive force in local communities.

Plus, I honestly think church is by far the most important “need” in our world. We need local communities to “become” the church and allow the amazing work of God to impact their local cultures. Therefore I’m going to give you a list, ya that is right. The 25 so-called “most innovative” churches in America.

‘America’s Most Innovative Churches’ 2007.

Truthfully I love Rob Bell’s thoughts in the article. Check’em out.

Great Rob Bell interview. Listen closely to his thoughts on American Evangelism, definitely bold and refreshing. Good stuff.

HT: Jonathon Herron