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* Malaria kills more than a million people per year; 90 percent of those who die are African children.
* Every 30 seconds in Africa a child dies of malaria.
* Malaria incapacitates people, keeping countries poor. In addition to the health burden, malaria illness and death cost Africa about $12 billion per year.

Info from Nothing But Nets.


Last November I slept under a bed-net while in Zimbabwe. It felt so good to know I was protected under this net as mosquito’s swarmed around me.

Today many children in Africa do not have this luxury. It take $10 to purchase a net that could save lives. If you look at the stats above…You will understand the importance of spreading the news.

You can get involved by clicking the link below:

$10 to Prevent Malaria


I grew up semi-poor, which to an Africa kid, I grew up rich. There is a big difference for sure. I had a home, a bike, clothes, education and food. But we had a junky car, I lived in a trailer and the food we ate was provided by the government. I was determined to remove myself from this low standard of living. Somehow I ended up at a youth-camp, met Jesus and things slowly begin to change for me. Transformation took place in my life.

But somehow along the way I missed the gospel. I got caught up into my life and what I deserved. I was OK with spending money however and whenever I wanted. Even though the gospel requires me to live differently; as long as I tithed and occasionally gave to a certain needs, I thought I was good. However I was selfish on many levels. I would consistently ask God to forgive me for my pride or anger…which of course are big and in-need of repentance. But my consumerism had gone unchecked for many years.

No doubt there is a hard tension between consumerism and normal American living, which is simply hard to define. But I think we need to consider how we spend our resources, not with guilt or self-righteousness, rather love and service.

Shaun Groves pretty much nailed it with this blog post. When you pick up a child that may or may not eat for days, everything changes. Life shifts in a heartbeat. You become crushed by your own personal selfishness. You become aware of how blessed you are and how much others have to over-come.

One of my passions in life is pretty simple…I desire to get every man, woman and child to spend 10-days in a third-world country.  I’m convinced this will cause a dramatic shift in how we think about life and priorities. I can preach, take pictures, tell stories, create a website etc. But none of this captures the reality like going and seeing the harsh realities of third-world situations.

Bill Gates new project: Farming –

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates announced a new direction Friday as he pledged $306 million in grants to develop farming in poor countries, leading the charge for corporate responsibility at a major meeting of business chiefs.

A few months ago I challenged Bailey to give away her money to someone in need. I set some educational goals and every time she met the goal she was rewarded. Well she made every goal every week. Therefore she had close to $100 in the pig.

I told her that she could help a family in need. We researched Kiva and I helped educate her in the reality of world poverty. She was moved to action and she gave $25 to a local African entrepreneur. Last week that loan was paid-in-full. Now we get to do another loan.

It’s a small way to help shape our kids to be generous and to really practically help someone who is motivated and has dreams but they need some initial help.

I received some emails from my last post. Needless to say it’s quite hard to swallow certain facts-like spending 450 Billion on x-mas presents and yet it takes 10 Billion to bring clean water to our world. Anyhow, for those who want to corroborate the data here is the needed info.

Rick McKinley was quoted in the article called The Advent Conspiracy in the current issue of Relevant Magazine. Rick started a anti-consumerism x-mas movement called Advent Conspiracy. If you are not familiar please check out the link and get involved to stop the silly consumerism in America.

I could not find a link to the article, but you can read the article under the “current issue” tab on Relevant Mag’s site.

Below are list of org’s that are tackling the water issue’s that our world is facing.

charity: water

Living Water International

Water 1st International

I came across a very cool online journal: The Other Journal. Lot’s of article by the likes of Miroslav Volf and Shane Claiborne.

HT: Creation Project

My friend Steven is leading up a project in Kenya. Basically he is requesting some help. Quick info below…For in-depth details please go to his blog.

Here’s what Mary’s parents need to rebuild their lives in Kenya:

* 2 young cows – $714 total ($357 each)
* 200 chicks – $285 total ($1.83 each)
* Feed for animals – $174 total for 6 months ($29 per month)
* Financial support before animals produce income – $426 total for 6 months ($71 per month)

A lot of people talk big game when it comes to poverty and social justice issues. But few back it up with action and sacrifice. Watch this video as Chris Seay discusses some key issues.

So I headed to the in-laws for dinner. I decided to watch Invisible Children: The Red Emmy Bracelet DVD while waiting. Bad mistake. As I watched the DVD I could not help but weep. I just sat in the bathroom and cried my eyes out. Absolutely devastating.


I saw this today on the news. Multiple camera phones captured the stoning. It’s an unfortunate modern incident of an ancient practice. It also gave me a real glimpse into the heart of Jesus, when he refused to watch a stoning take place.

17 year old girl is dead because she fell in love with a boy outside of her religion.

Evil in it’s purest form.

Stoning to death of girl.