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Rodriguez finalizes $275M deal with Yankees…WOW!

I’m pretty sure they wanted to can this cat after the 2006 season. I know A-Rod is a stud, he puts up insane stats…But let’s be honest. He’s a “momma’s boy who has NEVER won ANYTHING.” After all these years, why pay him this much cash, so maybe he can break a bunch of records in the future? Makes no sense to me.


Watching the Red Sox game with Bailey. Pretty sweet.

5-1 go Sox.

My beloved Red Sox FINALLY won the division last night. The prize for winning the division-playing the Angels, great! 

Is falling apart.

The Red Sox now have a 1 1/2 game lead. That was 5 games last week and 14 games 3 months ago. No need to go into baseball mumbo jumbo,  but let’s just say we need some love as we can feel the yanks breathing down our necks.

My Raiders finally beat the Broncos-oh wait, there was a timeout called right before the kick. Of course we ended up losing the game. Is it okay to pray for someone to die-like in a good way or something? Like, if Al Davis died would that be bad? Anyhow my boys are 0-2. Of course the Raiders are the only team that would draft the #1 QB and then allow him to hold out for the ENTIRE pre-season. *sigh*

Lakers: I can’t even start here. I may breakdown. I wish Kobe would have handled his frustration differently over the summer. I have no clue how the Lakers refuse to make this team better. They’ve done nothing to improve this off-season. The Western Conference is so tough, I think once again we will be a 7-8 seed and lose in the 1st round. Why pay a coach 10 million a year and give him a sub par team to work with?

Notre Dame: Pathetic. Tough Schedule, weak players and coaching that seems a bit lacking at the moment. It’s going to be a long season.

Texas Longhorns: Wow, these cats have such a cup-cake schedule. And they still look horrible. I think Oklahoma is going t eat our lunch in two weeks.

My only joy has been watching Tiger Woods dominate the golf world. The whole playoff system is a bit strange. I think it helped bring some much needed attention to golf. Just confusing.

So there you have, my lame sports life at the moment.

Oh wait, at least I’m doing good in fantasy football. Yippee!

It’s hard to be a Raider fan these days. Seems forever ago that I was in Oakland watching the Ravens crush us in the AFC championship game. Now I don’t even pay attention. I know we are going to lose. However there is a bit of hope for us life-long Raider fans:

Russell, Raiders agree to six-year deal.

However, until Al Davis steps into eternity, I doubt we will be winning anytime soon.

Seems like the weekends go a bit too quickly. I watched a ton of football, went to church, played with my iPhone and hung out w/ some Vista peeps.


  • Texas was making me a bit nervous. But they played well in the end.
  • Notre Dame is just bad. It’s going to be a long season. But I think they will get better.
  • Michigan is just horrendous. Speechless.
  •  Oklahoma looks VERY good. Lame.
  • Texas AM/Fresno St game was rad.


  • My Raiders are just frustrating. Horrible organization.
  • Cowboys looked good. But the Giants were banged up.
  • Either Colts or Patriots are going to win the SB. Maybe SD. NFC has no chance IMHO.

We also had a great day at church. Jeff and Justin Cofield Band rocked the house. Attendance was awesome and we had a TON of folks who were missing. This fall will be a huge season of growth for our church. Get ready Vista.

Tomorrow marks the first day the entire staff is together. Should be fun.

Can’t wait to get in the office this week. So much to do. Can’t wait.

The iPhone is amazing. Man I love it and so does Necole. Not sure why this device got all the criticisms. It’s not perfect, but from a technology point of view-it’s epic.

Time for bed. Shalom

How does Dirk have as many MVP’s as Shaq?

How does Nash have two more MVP’s them Kobe?

Nobody in the NBA would say Nash is better then Kobe-Or Dirk is better then Shaq.

I love Dirk & Nash. But I just don’t get the whole MVP thing in the NBA.

PS: Shaq & Kobe haters please spare me-facts are what they are!

Very disappointed in the Lakers. We had such a great start and we folded.

Cannot believe the Mavs lost in 6 games to the Warriors. I think we assume some players are superstars. Dirk is not a superstar. Why, because superstars carry their teams.

I have a trade proposal. Dirk for Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. Dirk needs a “Kobe” and Kobe needs a “Dirk.” The Mavs would have Bynum, Lamar and Howard for a long-term run. I think the NBA teams need to be more aggressive in trades.

I hate the Yankees. How can a team pay 28 million for 1/2 season to anyone. That is more then A-Rod get for a full season. The rich get richer!

Playoff hockey rocks, too bad nobody cares!

So angry. We played so well. Then a freaking 4th quarter collapse. 10 points against the Suns in the 4th…Are you kidding me.

Sleep will be lacking tonight.

Red Sox 7

Yankess 6

Can you say comeback!