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The past few months have seemed like one big blur. It’s Friday night and it seems hard to imagine the week is gone.

Some thoughts:

  • Necole and I both picked up iPhone’s. Basically we pretty much got them for free. I sold my Blackberry tonight. Craigslist rocks.
  • We had a great time with Steven and Amy. Can’t wait to see them in Cape Town in November.
  • Necole heads off to Dallas tomorrow night.
  • Belle is getting huge. I love that pup.
  • I went to a “teddy bear parade” today for Kenzie.
  • ACL is one week from today.
  • I really need a productive week next week.
  • I love the folks at Vista. Such a great community.
  • We had a blast at “Stories From Africa” last night.

Now it’s time to chill out. Girls are in bed, Necole is with friends and I have HD TV. Woo Hoo!



So, after losing my cellphone and being told by Sprint that I was covered and that I wasn’t covered I decided to make the switch from Treo (which sucks btw) to the BlackBerry Pearl and from Sprint (yucky yucky) to AT&T (can you say future iPhone) I wanted a smaller, sleeker phone. Yet I still desired the “smart-phone” capabilities.

After playing with Ashdown’s pearl a few weeks ago I really like the device. It was small and sexy (kinda like me) yet has some power. So yesterday I ordered one and I got it for FREE. Oh ya, my kind of deal. The kicker is this-my cell phone number is staying the same. So for those of you who have 900 Marlow numbers from all of our various travels and moves you can rest assured and be at peace. No changes 🙂

apple_iphone_1.jpgLast night a group of us gathered to celebrate Kenzie birthday and folks wanted to see the pup. However, Wade spiced up the night when be brought his new iPhone.


Not sure how or why so many folks are being so negative…Have you held one or used one? If not please don’t judge this device. Because it’s truly amazing. Definitely innovative. I was surfing the net on the “edge” network. And it was fast. ESPN loaded in like 20 seconds, as opposed too 2-3 minutes on my Treo.

Sure it may have some weaknesses, and it’s hard to live up to all the hype, but at the end of the day…It’s a sweet phone. The funny thing is this-it’s cheaper then the Treo when the Treo first launched. 🙂

Just when I was getting over the iPhone…Then I saw this.

If it’s true I gurantee you I will have an iPhone by C-Mas. I mean, how could you not want one?


Everyone Who’s Disappointed, I Have Good News!

I met with my buddy from Apple for Coffee today, I told him I loved the interface, and all the great subtle little features it has that makes it so easy to use. I then told him I really, wanted a File System Access so I could store files, download images from the web, and generally carry around data, not just load it up from iTunes..

He said Apple IS absolutely BUILDING this, and it will come in a software update no later than when Leopard ships in two months (there will be updates before this)

Here is what he said:

* There will be a build in file browser like the new finder in leopard for sorting through files

* There will be a disk mode

* The reason that there currently isn’t a file browser + way to save files from web is because there isn’t a file browser on the phone, and they wanted to release the same one that’s gonna be in the upcoming leopard OS, complete with coverflow.

* There will even be a special version of “iWork” so you can show your keynote presentations

* So anyway a FULL file browser is coming so you can browse just like windows mobile explorer only in the cool way leopard’s file browser is

* Full spotlight like search is coming too

* Widescreen keyboard support will be coming in every app, not just safari

* Copy & Paste, Select Text is coming too (clipboard)

* Also mail will see an upgrade so you can add accounts without doing so through itunes.

* Most of the delays in this is because iTunes is the App Windows & Mac users are familar with for iTunes, so Apple didn’t want to do a bad interface that had a file browser hacked into iTunes.

* When Leopard FINAL release comes out, plugging in the iPhone will pop open a special window in the finder that has areas for dragging all your files like a file explorer only more advanced and designed specifically for the iPhone, it will make sure that it works so iTunes knows how much space is for data, and how much is for “iTunes” stuff.

* Apple will be putting iChat on the phone, very, very soon, before Leopard.

According to this article, we shall see some new iPhones and iPod’s in the near future.

Apple plans cheaper, Nano-based phone.

I love my new Macbook. It just rocks! Super light and quick. It take me about 1-2 seconds to load ESPN. But it does have one downside-it get’s dirty. I hate dirt. So I’ve been browsing the net in hopes of a legit solution. And I found this info that should help. If you do a google search you will find multiple people who are using this method.


This is not for the screen…Just the case.

Is innovation overrated? It seems like we church leaders are always trying to innovate right? And I’m cool with that. But how much innovation does it take to teach people how to pray, read the bible, love others, and know their theology?

Has technology got in the way of God. Have we over-emphasized the power and need of technology in the church?  I’m not anti technology. I think we are called to redeem technology for God’s glory.

Maybe we pastor’s are more into innovation then seeking God. If our churches reflect the pastor, what should the pastor being doing? In my weekly schedule I’m going to be adding a lot more time to study, pray, fast and be still. Less is more!

Not to be over-spiritual, but I have this deep conviction that I’m not truly doing what I’m called to do. And what scares me is the fact that someday I will stand before God and give an account.

If your a mac addict (and you should be) head over to John’s blog. He has two great post on apps & utilities that he utilizes for his mac. Should be helpful. I’m personally going to try and use some of these bad boys. Hopefully I can get them to work 🙂

For those who read Simply Missional via a feed-reader…I just wanted to let you know I’ve updated my theme thanks to the greatness wordpress. It was time for a change.

I have a few folks that have asked me to help them start a blog. Scary for sure, but here is my advice.

  • For my main page, I try to keep it simple and creative. I do not like to add a lot of extra junk and widgets…It can distract from the purpose of the blog.
  • Also, I try to keep my blogroll simple. I do not add a ton of people. Only friends and blogs that I feel really influence me.
  • I hope this blog is a reflection of who I am. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Interaction on other blogs is key. Leave comments and link to other blogs.
  • I try to post 5 times per week. Rarely do I spend more then 5 minutes on any given post. Of course, my concern is not great writing…That is not my gift. My concern is connecting and seeing this blog be a place to connect with others.
  • Make sure you have RSS and make sure you add your entire post…Not just the subject line. For the most part I do not read other bloggers if the entire post is not included in the feed.
  • Don’t be stat driven.
  • Make sure you use it’s just that good.
  • Get started today…Be disciplined…You will add value.

Any questions please let me know.

Performancing is a new blog editor that is built right into Firefox. I’ve only used it a few times but so far it’s great. Check it out and enjoy!